Apple iPhone X Review: The Best Yet!


So this is the iphone 10 and as many of you who follow this channel may know I’ve been using this as my personal phone for a pretty long time now and honestly i’ve been a little reluctant to leave it it’s by far the longest time I’ve kept a phone for personal use while. I’ve been doing these reviews however with it clocking in almost three years now and the iphone 12 just around the corner should you still buy one in 2020 let’s talk about that okay so first of all we have these specs the iphone 10 features an apple a11 bionic processor three gigabytes of ram and we’re gonna be talking more about what these specs mean and how they perform later on in the video the iphone 10 also features either 64 or 256 gigabytes of storage space and if you know me you’ll know.

I’ll almost always go with the smaller storage option mainly because i never used that much however if you use a lot then it’s nice that you’re covered too something that i do find a little disappointing though is that lack of a middle ground the jump from 64 to 256 gigabytes is a lot so a middle ground option like 128 gigabytes would have been nice to see on the iphone 10. finally the iphone 10 weighs in 174 grams which is a little on the heavy side especially for a phone of this size but more on why later on as for the specs other than the screen in the battery which both get their own segments later on this is it while these do seem a little old on paper ios is usually pretty good at compensating for lower specs.

I personally don’t think this is gonna be a huge deal but again we’re gonna be talking more about the performance later on for now though let’s talk build quality the iphone 10 feels really premium even today almost three years later the combination of glass and steel feels amazing and while this is most likely what causes the weight i personally think it’s worth it it doesn’t feel too heavy in my hands or my pocket but it does still feel nice and sturdy that said feels this is still a glass-backed phone so it won’t be quite as durable as some of the older iphones with aluminium backs in my time using it.

I haven’t had to replace the back or front once and while it has at points got pretty scratched as we can see i’ve managed to avoid cracking it now it must be said that i have kept it in a mouse case for the majority of my ownership so treat your phone carefully and you should have no problems just be aware that there are some break points also despite my reservations with the protruding camera it still hasn’t got scratched which is pretty nice overall the iphone 10 feels pretty much like any other modern apple product really nice and premium but with some breakpoints that you should be aware of so as always with glass phones.

I do personally recommend the case all right so moving on let’s talk about the screen the screen on the iphone 10 was the first of its kind remodeling the iphone completely and modernizing the look at a time where apple were pretty behind on their design aesthetics it has a gorgeous 24 36 by 11 25 oled display and a full screen brightness of 634 nits with points reaching 809 and even today it looks absolutely amazing as the pixels in the screen are self-illuminated you get deeper blacks richer contrast and overall an awesome looking picture the iphone 10 also features that now standard apple true 10 display which i’ve been a really big fan of for a while now and it essentially keeps your whites perfectly balanced based on the environment you’re in so you always get nice accurate looking colors in terms of secondary interaction the iphone 10 has 3d touch which is actually still my preferred method of interaction.

I have got used to the haptic technology it’s just not the same 3rd touch essentially allows you to press harder on things like links or apps and it’ll open a preview or a hidden menu i use this feature pretty much every day so i’m pretty glad that it’s a feature on this phone and i will miss it when i eventually switch overall this iphone 10 has to be one of the best screens i’ve ever used and i personally right now have no wish to upgrade from it alright.

After this we have the button placement something i wasn’t initially all that keen on i thought the lock button was originally pretty poorly mapped i really didn’t like the way there were so many actions set to just one button and a series of combinations turning off the phone was a chore and taking an accidental screenshot was pretty much a daily occurrence for me however despite nothing really changing do i still hold those opinions not really no overall buttons feel really nice and tactile with this phone and are well mapped out with of course those separate volume buttons isolated lock button and mute switch so pretty typical to the iphone line and once.

I adjusted my grip to stop accidentally taking a lot of screenshots and also realized that most people don’t turn their phones off anyway i got used to it pretty quickly but do bear in mind that if you are switching from something like an iphone 8 then there will be a little bit of an adjustment period that said once you are they’re pretty much as good as you can get.

I said they feel great and i always know which buttons i’m going to press due to the way they’re mapped out so all in all i’m pretty pleased with the button layout next up we’re talking the unlock method for this phone which of course is face id the iphone 10 was actually the first iphone to have face id also meaning the introduction of the notch which at the time was a big deal to a lot of people however by now it’s pretty normal as for how well the technology itself works at first compared to the new market offerings it was a little bit slow however with the release of ios 13 last year the speed pretty much matched the iphone 10 s which was a fantastic improvement in day-to-day usage.

I found it almost always accurate nice and quick and well it can’t be used from as many angles like the iphone 11 it’s great in all lighting scenarios and as long as it has a clear view of your face it should be pretty great now we’re going to be talking about one of the most important aspects for me and one that i’ve been thoroughly impressed with on the iphone 10 the camera the other phone has two 12 megapixel separate focal lengths with a wide-ish main lens with an aperture of f 1.8 and a telephoto lens with an aperture of f 2.4 while this may seem pretty dated on paper with two fairly simple focal lengths.

It does still have that portrait mode setting which works on both the telephoto and the front-facing camera to just give you a little bit of that fake background blur speaking of the front-facing camera has a resolution of seven megapixels and an aperture of f 2.2 alright so specifying but how does it actually perform in terms of photography i really like the iphone 10. i mentioned a while back.

I was transitioning from taking all my casual snaps with my dslr to my phone and with the iphone 10 that was pretty easy to do having that second focal length specifically the two times zoom is really nice as it can provide a totally unique perspective or simply a little bit of extra range colors and dynamic range look good honestly there is a pretty noticeable difference between this and the newest iphone but the quality is still really good.

I don’t ever find myself needing more and the portrait mode also works great while it does only work on the telephoto and the front-facing camera it does do a really good job of blurring out the background and can be used on any subject instead of just people like with the iphone 10 l and the se 2020. seriously i wish they’d just put the full portrait mode on those phones in terms of video this iphone 10 shoots 4k at up to 60 fps which i personally really like.

I love slowing it down for that nice smooth slow motion look and honestly it does look good the iphone 10 can also shoot slow motion at up to 240 fps in 1080p which i actually think is still the standard today and while it lacks some of those newer technologies present like the better stabilization and dynamic range video quality overall does look good with the iphone x.

I said i really like the 4 k at 60 fps but occasionally i also like to use the 1080 p at 120 fps i think the quality is noticeably better than the 240 fps but that said it is still fun sometimes overall as i said before while it’s not the most modern smartphone camera system on the market it still works really well for most applications even in 2020.

I have absolutely no issues with it honestly it’s been an absolute pleasure to use this phone to take pictures moving on we have probably the most important aspect of any phone the os and app performance thing is the iphone 10 was released way back in 2017 which is a pretty long time for technology it’s pretty obvious that it’s gone through its fair share of software updates during its time so how has it changed well.

I said with ios 13 the face id got way faster and it’s actually stayed good throughout my testing of the ios 14 beta so i’m actually pretty confident it’s gonna last well iphones typically get five years of support however the 5s and the 6s technically both got or are getting six so it might be the case with the iphone 10 as well either way as this was released in late 2017 it’s not going anywhere anytime soon in terms of app performance i’ve been able to stream videos with no problems whatsoever and the performance doesn’t really seem to be slowing down anytime soon for games it’s a similar story i personally prefer casual games.

I’ve tried many different games while I’ve been using this phone and they’ve all worked pretty much flawlessly so despite the older processor and only the three gigabytes of ram it still works really well in terms of the speakers while they’re not gonna be mind-blowing they’re still pretty good even in 2020 the iphone 10 has that stereo technology that is standard in iphones these days and this essentially means that both the top and the bottom speaker are used, in conjunction to create a nice much wider sound the volume levels are nice and even so the effect does work well and well they’re not gonna be that great for things like making music for watching videos they’ll do absolutely fine just make sure you keep a better pair of headphones or like a speaker around if you want a bit of extra bass or just some more quality or loudness yeah it’s not exactly the the loudest speaker the inbuilt speaker on the phone okay so appropriately last we have the battery life the iphone 10 has a 2760 milliamp hour battery which honestly isn’t that large in 2020 however for most of my ownership with this phone it’s actually been pretty good i’m not really a binge user of my phone so i would always get through my day.

A few months ago i noticed a significant drop in the battery performance and while this almost certainly could be remedied with a battery replacement i’m honestly just fine with plugging mine in as i’m never away from a charger for more than six hours at a time and still most days i get through okay it’s just on the more intense days that i’ll occasionally have to plug it in during the afternoon so if you’re okay with that that’s fine otherwise make sure that you plan to either get the battery replaced or that you make sure you get one with good battery life because then it will be totally fine. i personally think it’s just my elongated use that’s eventually worn the battery down if you want to learn why that happens i actually made a video on this topic that you can check out up there alright so as i said at the start of this review while i’ve been doing these phone reviews.

I’ve consistently found myself coming back to the iphone x and honestly for a good reason i genuinely believe that this is one of the best phones i’ve ever owned it’s got a great screen a nice camera and it’s now pretty attractively priced on the use market so as long as you make sure that the battery’s in check and you’re okay i’m missing out on some of the more modern features like night mode. I think this could be a really great value pickup in 2020. okay so that’s it my final longest term review on the iphone 10. by the way let me know what you think of this phone in the comments i always like reading your comments as for now though as always thank you for watching remember to like the content if you want to see more content like this then stay with us i’m done for now and i will see you guys in the next one.


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