How Much Time Do you have to wait for Google AdSense


There are many question about Google AdSense so today in this blog i will tell you how much time and how long you have to wait for google AdSense and what is necessary for google AdSense. Google AdSense is so sensitive day by day so in this situation we have to follow all the rules about google adsense today blog i will tell you about google adsense and how you can get the adsense approval so lets start.

There are many website are rejected day by day for the violation of the term and policy so for AdSense approval we need to know what we need to do fast so at fast we need to know about content and also about the content we write. We need many things to look we need 20-30 post minimum and all the post length will be 1000-2000 words and well written. There are lot of website are rejected day by day for content violation.

So fast we need a domain and hosting after that we have to make a website google responsible website for google adsense approval after that we have to write 1000-2000 length post and all post will be unique because google only accept unique article google need unique article so that google and place ads on your website and give you some profit.

After that we need some important pages which necessary for google AdSense approval the pages known as About us, contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer, And also site map. So this kinds of pages are necessary for adsense approval so you need to make this pages.

Let’s come to the points how much time you have to wait so there are many rules in google adsense so i will tell you more about this kinds of topic and also we will discuss a lot about this google adsense.

How long do you have to wait.

You must wait a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months for Google AdSense to change the time you have to wait for Google AdSense.

Basically people buy a domain on their site and after 1 day they put it in adsense and that’s why they didn’t get any adsense. You will have to wait a while for this AdSense. AdSense is a very important and very sensitive thing. If you violate any AdSense policy you will not receive any AdSense and you will not be able to make money online so you will have to wait and after that you will apply for AdSense easily.

How much content do you need to write.

How much content do you need to write? This is a very good question that many people say is how much content they need to write.

People who use Blogger and WordPress copy someone’s content and put it on their site and then they go for AdSense and AdSense and deny their site and say that your content was copyrighted and you are suspended from AdSense.

We tell you that if you are new to Blogger or WordPress, please create some content by yourself because AdSense wants an authentic person who can work with them.

Many people think that they have copied someone’s content and will apply for AdSense and TAN. They will get AdSense. This is not an easy way.
How long has AdSense taken?

So AdSense has a policy that they say AdSense takes one day after you apply your site to AdSense and if you don’t receive any email on any given day then it takes 2 weeks to approve it within 2 weeks they review your website and then they give you AdSense will give.
If your site doesn’t have issues like copyrighted content and is under construction, if they find out more than that, you won’t get any AdSense because they don’t provide this type of website.

If you are all facing this problem than we can help you in 2020, there are many types of websites that do not say anything about it, but we will give you this kind of information which is our duty to help people Create content you can fix it and help you get AdSense so fast.

Adsense is a very sensitive thing. If you violate their policy, you will be suspended and you will not receive any AdSense from them and you will no longer be able to work with them. Able to make money. If you all want to thank us for your instructions and if you do not please follow our instructions, you will get AdSense as soon as possible.

We do our best to help you get AdSense ads on your website and for the little earning that can help you. A lot of people built their careers from online We will talk in the next content how you can rank your website online and earn a lot from just one website and build your career by doing this kind of work.

We are trying to help our people who use our blog and get some help from us and we want to help them by doing this we want to help you if everyone likes it.

In conclusion

If you are new to Blogger and WordPress or need to stream this instruction somewhere else, I hope this will definitely help you get AdSense on your website. Many people made all sorts of mistakes and they could not be found and lost hope and could not find a way.
If you can contact us, if you are in trouble, our team will always help you immediately as soon as we are always at your service so we hope everyone will like and support us and we will always help you no matter what happens.


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