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How To Get Traffic On Product Read Some Secrets

Introduction Of How To Get Traffic On Product Read Some Secrets

How To Get Traffic On Product Read Some Secrets. I hope you submitted your article to the article directories? What can you do with your article after submission? It’s huge and can blast your site with tons of visitors.

The missing puzzle

Have you saved it in the paragraph folder on your desktop? Mostly we do. Today you will learn to squeeze juice with your hard work. We are going to learn how to recycle your articles and use them again and again.

Turn your story into a video

You may be surprised; How can I do this? If you can use the Microsoft PowerPoint display, fear not, you are ready for it. Don’t worry if you can’t, someone can pay for you. I think you already have a computer or laptop because you need one, you also need a microphone, and you can get a good one for 22 bucks from Amazon or eBay. I recommend Logitech Devices.

You also need a screen recording tool, and I use CamStudio, which you can download for free through Google Search. Or you can get Camtasia Studio for a few hundred rupees to spend. Videos are very powerful in product marketing these days and search engines love them too.

Preparing your PowerPoint slides

All you have to do is copy and paste your article into the PowerPoint slideshow. Make sure you edit your slides so that each slide contains a maximum of three short phrases (key points). Set your slideshow animation to “click” to make life easier when you start the recording process. You need a ready-to-use script for your voice recording, which can be a complete copy to read your article.

Your script and video recording

When your slideshow is one, you can describe your main points in each slide. Some people may not feel comfortable hearing their voice again, and if you’re one of them, you can outsource it by being a professional to record your voice. Remember that the person has the full details of your work and how you want to do it.

How do you record your video? With CamStudio, you can find online help on how to use it. It’s very simple; You should be able to use it properly. The process is simple; All you have to do is set your PowerPoint to a slideshow, and then use your CamStudio to record your screen. Use the microphone to record your voice as you describe the contents of your slide. Once the recording is complete you can save your video file anywhere on your computer. I always save my things on the desktop because I can easily find them.

How To Get Traffic On Product Read Some Secrets
How To Get Traffic On Product Read Some Secrets

You can then upload your video to YouTube and other social media that accepts the video. If you are close to one another, you can upload your video manually or use software tools. If you upload your video to YouTube, one way to get heavy traffic is to watch relevant videos and gain more visibility in your market and post your video in response.

The next place you can recycle your essay is in the references. This is a DIY website. For example, if I want to upload this article in instructions; My first suggestion is “turn your article into a video”, then my instructions will explain how it happened. It would be great if you had pictures to show how this happened.

You can also use your article to create a blog. The blog has social media such as Facebook where you can interact with your visitors. If you wish, your visitors can post comments. This is a very powerful way to gain credibility and trust. It also helps to empower you in your chosen niche and establish your presence on the web.

People who know your self will find you because they see you as an expert in that field. Traffic nonstop. Blog Carnival is a great place to start your blog. If you are new to this business, I strongly recommend that you start there. Some great blog sites I recommend are the Hub Page and Tumblr. There are many more. You should spend some time looking for this information.

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