How to get more traffic in your blog website.


So hey guys welcome to social fit zones today we will learn how to get more traffic in your blog website. today’s topic is more important than other topics so in this blog website we always publish all kinds of blog articles, mobile review, online earning Google AdSense, how to write unique content, and everything you can find in this website so without wasting any time let get started.

many people ask me how we can get more and more traffic on our blog website so whenever you get Google AdSense on your website you need some traffic to generate some revenue from Google AdSense. every people Mel me contact me WhatsApp me and send me messages on Instagram and also Facebook they always ask me that how they can get more and more traffic from Google search so in this blog I will tell you easiest way to get many many traffic on your blog website.

first of all you need minimum 500 content on your blog website. and all the content mast be unique and plagiarism free. so after setting 500 content on a blog website you mast submit all your content in Google Webmaster tool so if you’re using blog post who is hey Google product like that will come with if using you mast Need minimum 1500 post to get unlimited traffic or many traffic and can generate revenue from Google AdSense. if using WordPress then the minimum post will be 500 and also you must use the yoast SEO plugin which is absolutely free for SEO. there are a lot of video about White hat SEO and also menu on SEO you can find it in YouTube. if you want to know about White hat SEO or one page seo you must comment in down below and you must send us a contact by our contact details that’s how we can make some post about our audience need.

So how the SEO work in WordPress.

so the WordPress great place where you can create a blog website and get Google AdSense simply. so how the wordpress SEO work. in WordPress there are a lot of plugin you can find in WordPress so a popular plugin known as yoast SEO it is the popular plugin for the wordpress website. where is the simple plugin in WordPress website you can use it easily and it is absolutely free and you can buy the premium versions of the used SEO plugin. so I will prefer for the free versions of your site SEO Safari versions of yours tissue is absolutely good and also help SEO your blog website. if you want about your site SEO plugin tutorial we can give it to you in the blog tutorial you must comment down below and also you have to contact us from the contact us section.

So how the SEO work in Blogger.

so every people ask me how to SEO in blogger so there is no tool for plugin like wordpress so how to SEO a blogger website.
many people hundred and thousands people ask me how to receive a blogger website so here is the solution about the local SEO.
So fast of all in your blogger site you must create 1500 content about your blogger topic. after that there are lot of setting in the blogger you will be fined for the SEO so what the main purpose of SEO in blogger sections you must create 1500 post in your blogger website for that you can get a best SEO for free in blogger.
if you’re a beginner or new in blog website then I will suggest you to use blogger not use wordpress because blogger is easier than WordPress. so if you knew in blog website or in a website world then I will suggest you to use blogger because it is easy it is really friendly to use and it is simple way to customise your website and it always get AdSense approval at first and much more functions in the blogger for beginner.

which one is best blogger or wordpress.

for beginner yoga is best and the advanced level or expert I will suggest what was because what is a platform where you can design your website by your own there is no limit no nothing that sort of thousands millions of plugins and you can customise and easily customise your blog no nothing nothing do nothing can stop you from wordpress and for the beginner the beginner you must use the blogger website because blogger is easy to reliable responsive and AdSense friendly and it was a Google product so I will suggest if you are a beginner then you can use blogger not WordPress.

Which one get many traffic..??

further understanding I will Seva face is the best in what ways is a very reliable and if you we can do SEO in WordPress also the wordpress SEO is the best in the world so every single people in the world who are trying to make a business website or blog website or want to earn some revenue from Google AdSense they all use the word face because what ways has many many many plugins thousands millions of plugins that are paid and also there are also free you can use that and get your website SEO and get some any traffic so for the beginner or se blogger the blogger is you is also good but you need the real idea how to rank your content so there are a lot of things you have to know in the future so if you are beginner I’ll suggest you must blog logo is now like the wordpress what was also so I suggest you for blogger.

if you need anymore content like how to create a blog how to learn blog and etc every single things every single issue if you have that you can feel contact us or leave a comment down below will solve it all..


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