Huawei Nova 7i Review Find Out All Pros and Cons


Hey guys welcome back to yet another post of Social Feed Zone with the detailed review of guava snow Assam and I our device that I’ve been using from the past two weeks and you are going to find my experience with this device in this video so without wasting further your time let’s jump onto the video to find out how well our device performs with 8 GB of RAM 128 gigs of internal storage and a processor that is as much powerful as snapdragons 730 and with all the downside of having no Google Val services let’s find out the Noah 7 I has a beautiful display with 6.4 inches screen that carries a hole-punch camera with a 16 megapixel sensor on the top left corner apart from that the phone carries full HD plus resolution in that screen and it is an IPS panel not an AMOLED on the right side this spoon houses volume rockers along with the power button and this power button also works as a fingerprint scanner.

I think the volume rockers should have been placed on the left side and that would have been a lot useful for a person that wants to use a smartphone with a single-handed however the buttons are not click they are soft and there’s no issue while you are using it on the daily basis on the left side this spoon house is same trait that has a hybrid SIM slot that means either you can use dual Sims or you can sacrifice a single sim and replace it with an enema card and that is a proprietary storage card of Huawei at the top of the smartphone you will find a secondary microphone and that works seamlessly fine right man we flip the device you’ll find a quad camera setup in square fashion.

It is also protected by a thin metallic frame and that frame not only provides a stunning look but also protect your camera’s not just that but you’ll find an LED flash right beneath the camera setup as far as the color option of the device are concerned this phone comes in three variants and the colors spore pink crush green and third one is metallic black the color that I’m having is crush green.

Huawei Nova 7i

It not only looks great but as per the company’s statement this design is carried out through a special manufacturing process that not only provided it flow but also improved its durability and the protection from scratches the back of the device even though feels like glass but it is actually made up of plastic material however the frame of the device is metallic and it feels solid in the hand the grip of the smartphone is pretty solid even though it has a glossy back the phone hold still in your hand and it doesn’t slip Wow as no sound I is a wider phone with six point four inches of screen and some may find a trouble operating it with a single hand and the navigation may also require two handed operation.

If you have smaller hands even though there is no mention of glass at the back of the front but this phone comes with a plastic protector of pre-installed the back of the smartphone could be further protected with the jelly cover that they provide along with the phone in the box as far as the display of the device is concerned this phone carries six point four inches full HD screen that has a resolution of 2310 into 1080 pixels the bezels even though are not huge but they are not like a flagship device.

The display quality is chopped with the vibrant colors and a higher dynamic range and the brightness of the display is enough to use it under a brighter daylight and also the viewing angle of the device are good the smart resolution feature saves the battery of rinoa 7i by automatically shifting between full HD plus and full HD resolution the single down firing audio speakers of the noir 7i delivers crisp and clear sound quality speaking about the cameras this phone carries five cameras a square camera set up at the back and a single camera in a punch hole display at the front the images quality is good especially of those images that are taken in a brighter daylight these images have sharp color and a wider dynamic range the colors accurate is also good and the skin tone is natural in a dim or a low light the cameras.

I automatically enhanced the images however you may find little bit of noise or the softness in the images but the colors are well preserved the night mode of the noise sound I has 8 different exposures to work at however it doesn’t work really well in a fully dark environment you will need some light in the area that you are going to capture to get the best possible results speaking about the video recording this phone can record up to 1080p at 30 frames per second and the videos that are captured with the noise salmon.

I has sharp details wider dynamic range and the colors are also well preserved and my favorite feature is switching between the two cameras the white and the ultra wide lens while we are recording as far as the software is concerned this phone carries emui 10.0 point 1 running at the top of android 10.0 which is the latest version of Android.

I’d like to add that Huawei has improved its emui skin a lot since the EMU 8 9.0 and they’ve removed a lot of stuff and added some new features that are cool for example dark mode the UI of Noah 7i is pretty clean and provides minimalist look and also performs buttery smooth the features like dark mode performance mode and also the ride mode are cherry on the top while we are speaking about software you should keep in mind that this one does not carry the sport of Google mobile services that means you are not getting the Google’s app pre-installed in this smartphone.

The Google mobile services are replaced by Hawaii mobile services and the Google Play Store is replaced by Huawei is app gallery even though app gallery has millions of F but it doesn’t have the apps that are developed by American companies like Google and Facebook while the apps like Google Play Gmail and Google map doesn’t come pre-installed there are methods that you can use to install them later the third-party app that you can use to install any app in who always know us.

I are a PK pure and up to down not just that but there is an alternative of Google Play-store while you can install the Facebook and whatsapp from the direct link you can also use the alternative stores for example the Aurora store and appetite these are the independent stores that you can use instead of Play Store to download any app or game in your smartphone speaking about the performance this phone has Karin 810 chip set which is based on 7 nano metre architecture.

It replaces the current 710 which was earlier used in Flour devices and turbo boost enabled mail g52 GPU will improve the gaming performance a lot not just that but the winches and PU inside vouch ave mower 7i is reportedly scored higher than the snapdragons 855 and the 855 is a chip set that is available in higher and smartphones that means the kilo newton got some power juice in.

It along with the chips that this phone has 8gb sub lpddr4 RAM and 128 gigs of internal storage with the u FS 2.1 technology that has an impressive reading and writing speed for the daily usage as far as the performance and the benchmarks are concerned Karin 810 beaten snapdragons salmon 20 G which is a mid-range segment chip set and the kilo newton got the lead with some margin and according to a report the current 810 is as powerful as the snapdragons 845 in terms of raw processing and you can also enable the eye performance mode to take the full advantage of the chip set and the benchmarks evolved in was an.

I are being displayed at your screen the 1400 mAh battery not only Lost’s for a full day under heavy usage but some power is left to consume during the night in the PC marks battery test it lasted up to 16 hours and 42 minutes in a video loop test.

I think that this is a great score in terms of battery benchmarks the 40 watt charger that comes right out of the box with the Nova 7i charges it up to 70% in all the 30 minutes and that claim of Taurus is true and to see the bar fully green you’ll have to wait between 50 to 55 minutes and it is also TUV Rhineland certified so you do not have to worry about safety and that makes no seven.

I won among the fastest charging devices summing up the review this phone is surely a step up of guavas noir series with a great display better performance long lasting battery life and a good camera and I can say this without any hesitation the Nova sound is a best performer under this price range with the downside of having no Google mile service is installed let me know how did you find the review of north Sinai in the comment section.


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