Huawei P40 Pro Hands On Review


The p40 series now instead of two phones we’re getting three and they share a lot of the same specs for the processor software and of course that main camera but today in this video we’re gonna be concentrating on the p40 Pro now let’s unbox this really quickly and see what it has to offer so at the mansion guys if the inbox none while a p40 Pro it’s the usual that we get from.

Huawei simple clean white box nothing out of the ordinary and you have that subtle flecks that their cameras are Co engineered by Leica and then there is a reminder down below that you will have use their very own app gallery plus of course a couple of other sources to get the essential apps and here’s everything that comes inside the packaging of course first things first you’ll be 40 Pro itself now this is the silver frost color variant more on the phone design later but as of now guys.

I absolutely love it so aside from that you have the sim ejector pin a jelly case USBC cable the 41 Huawei super charger and USB type-c earphones because our IP headphone jack and that’s pretty much it you name the manam box guys this is a marketing unit so you might have noticed a collection and documents but anyway let’s get to the phone. if you haven’t already so back to the p40 pro alright guys so here it is this is the Huawei p40 pro in the silver cross color variant and my initial reaction when.

I first saw this phone during their live presentation was a little shocked I say what a lush and radiant and as you know what way was known for doing the gradient really really well so that doesn’t really mean that what I don’t visual appeal Yuma buggalo flagships it’s a lot simpler definitely but it still looks fantastic this time around guys they also gave us a bunch of color options plus two different finishes now as you can see on screen ISA has the blue one which has a more of a glossy glass back that we’re used to by the way guys make sure you check the rest of the videos from the tech mob.

I’ll leave a link with everyone’s channel down below so you can learn more about the p40 series personally guys I prefer the matte finish over the glossy one it kind of reminds me of the oneplus 70 but I’m gonna get you feel silicone on phone at all but anyway let me know in the comments section which one you prefer the matte finish or the glossy glass back that we’re all using now in terms of ergonomics guys.

I’m coming from the samsung galaxy s xx altra so this definitely feels a lot better in the hand because that phone was just too huge and this feels just right now in terms of weight though they feel almost the same now for a quick tour of the phone you’re getting the power button and volume rocker on the right side you have the good old IR blaster on top with a microphone as well and on the bottom you have access to the SIM tray USB C port and speaker grille so in terms of the display guys you have an OLED panel 6.58 inches qhd+ resolution and while we s calling this their overflow displayed because not only does it have curves on the sides of the phone better my slight curves in Chester the US and Sababa actually I’m kind of on the fence about this whether I like it or not because.

I don’t know if durability comes at the factor of Panama holding tall must break up well bashad and other smart phones and the curves on the side or even flat-lying display but yeah I’ll let you know in a couple of days it’s very very subtle curve guys but I don’t know I’m just on the fence about this in terms of picture quality in among guys oh hi dementia so far now I do have to remind you though that I just received this phone this afternoon.

I still have to really test it out now know kpop this time around but do Lepus video still has a lot of colors to show you how vivid Mississippi can get and I am pretty happy with it so far now other improvements to the wall EP for the pros displayed is the fact that it’s refresh rate is now at 90 Hertz plus the in display fingerprint scanner is a lot larger which.

I do appreciate it lowers the margin of error but for the placement I think mkbhd said this as well it’s a little bit too high for my liking now before we talk about the processors and the battery capacity and the software let’s get to the main event for the P series which has always been about mobile photography on the p40 Pro you’re getting a quad camera setup on the back with a 50 megapixel main camera that’s backed by the biggest sensor that’s ever been put on a smartphone now this goes for all of the new D Series devices now as a comparison guys the Samsung Galaxy S 20 altra has a sensor size that’s a 1 over 130 third of an inch while the p40 probe measures in at 1 over 1.28 now.

I know ebooks are being done simply put guys we can expect the p40 series to perform a lot better in low light conditions now for the rest of the cameras on the p40 Pro you have a dedicated 14 megapixel cine camera F 1.9 I think this is same one that you’ll find on the May 30 throw you also have a 12 megapixel camera that’s capable of five times of the zoom and a time-of-flight sensor now for taking selfies guys I’m sure you’ve seen it but they have a pill shape cut out with a 32 megapixel camera and an IR time-of-flight sensor as well now.

I haven’t really been able to take a lot of photos with this camera just yet because as I said earlier I just got this phone this afternoon but I tried my best guys here are some sample photos all right so let’s finally talk about what’s under the hood of the entire P 40 series and that’s their newest flagship processor which is the Kiran 995 G now we first saw this chipset on the huawei mate X s but the one on the p40 Pro is paired with a gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of storage again guys kappa what an mp40 Prothean apple and so Indy compass how much had an aha liquid but here are the results from Geekbench for now be sure to check back in the next few days for its full review so in terms of software guys you are getting IMEI 10.1 that’s based on Android 10.

I mention one and you know you will have to use the App Gallery plus a few other sources to get your essential apps but to be fair guys the are beefing up the app gallery really really fast hopefully more solid in a lot of apps are in and add them into the app gallery so little time only download the apps in the future now for the battery life guys you have a 4200 milliamp hour battery with support for Huawei supercharged at 40 watts now wow ways smartphones have always been known to be long lasting so I can see this phone lasting for at least a day and a half.

I will have to test it out further and in terms of charging the man if I remember correctly that will have from 0 to 100% to get about one hour so bago hyoma legal document a smart phone yo get ready and then by the time you have to leave for work you should have full charge or at least close to full charge for the entire day so last but not least guys very important let’s talk about the price of this smartphone now the p40 if you didn’t know it’s priced at thirty six thousand nine ninety while the p40 pro is priced at fifty thousand nine ninety no word yet if we’re getting the Pro Plus here in the Philippines but we will update you on the website if we find out more now if you do decide to preorder this smartphone.

I think open Asha until April 24th you are getting a lot of freebies I will leave a link down below so you can check it out and cut a short is information in case a Bahama Lemos article all right guys before I end this video I did ask you guys on Instagram to send me questions about the p40 series and I will be answering them to the best of my abilities and the first one is with at fly with miko i actually already replied to your comment but he asks how does it scammer compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the s20 ultra we are going to be finding out but you I phone 11 pro max definitely what last happen or unfortunately where last – we’re gonna have to do that at a later time when the quarantine has been lifted but the s20 definitely.

I will be doing a camera comparison between these two smartphones stay tuned but I do have to remind you guys we are under quarantine so you’re gonna have to excuse the photos I’m going to be taking it’s mostly gonna be my Gunpla collection or just outside the street I’m gonna be as creative as I can so you can have a good comparison between these two smartphones but yeah check back in the next week or so maybe now the next question is from Felix Bonita oh seven hopefully I didn’t butcher your name he asks what’s new with the p40 series compared the be 30 series and what is the upgrade except from the Penta camera of course you have the new chipset which is the Kirin 990 which is 5g capable by the way and then you have of course your screen refresh rate which is now 90 Kurt and you overflow this playing out which has herbs on both the left and right side plus the top one bottom which again.

I am on the fence on I’m not sure if I like it or not but yeah those are the main upgrades but we also will be doing a comparison between the p30 Pro which I still have right here while I am we’re sunrise if you remember that color way which is our favorite from last year and the p40 bro so you can see if it’s worth the upgrade if you’re just coming from the previous generation of course the next question and of course the next question is from gen-x milton who asks what is the rectangular shape near the Leica text that’s the 12 megapixel telephoto camera it has a periscope setup like most hybrids oome cameras are capable of right now so there you have it that is the periscope megapixel camera it’s the same one as the s20 ultra and the find xtube pro so there you go guys that’s it for our hands-on review for the p40 pro plus a couple of Q&A things so make sure you check us out on Instagram.

I will be throwing questions out there for you guys to be able to ask me questions and I will be trying to answer them on this video or next videos I’m it should say but anyway there you go guys again see you later thank you for spending a couple of minutes on me if you like this video give us a thumbs up sub to the channel and hit that notification about so you don’t miss out on any of our content. If you have more questions about the before you grow and the p40 series leave them down below and I’ll try my best to get to them as soon as I can for all the latest tech news and gadget reviews head to unbox up pH plus follow us on Facebook and again on Instagram my name is Jamie peace god bless and I’ll see you guys next time again keep safe guys wash your hands bye


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