iPhone 11 Pro Max Review And Specification


This is the iphone 11 pro and these are the most powerful and most advanced iphones that we have ever built. The iphone 11 and 11 pro were released worldwide at the time of this September 2020 is right around the corner this means a new set of apple iphones are ready to fall in the hands of consumers and enthusiasts alike before that happens and your sub boxes fill up with iphone 12 let’s talk about my one year relationship with the iphone 11 pro max out of all the iphones I’ve ever used.

I’ve ever owned the iphone 11 pro max has the best build it’s not my personal favorite in terms of looks that still goes to the iphone 4 and 5 but from a durability aspect it’s held up the best let me know in the comment section what your favorite iphone design has been the matte glass on the back side resists fingerprints beautifully and at the same time hides any scuffs and scratches pretty good although some might still make it through like this tiny one but for the most part it does a fantastic job.

I wish i could say the same thing about the front despite using a glass screen protector on my phone for nearly six months i have enough micro scratches to make you think I’ve had this phone well over a year without a screen protector the stainless steel frame has surprisingly been much more resistant to scratches versus previous models like the iphone 10 the camera bump on the back side ended up not being as ridiculous as we initially thought when the leaks first emerged as usual the camera design was replicated.

All across the board in the android world which made it easier on the eyes since now you’re seeing it everywhere and it just became the new normal the size and weight of the iphone 11 pro max is still a thing for me i plan on going with the smaller model next time but i tend to say this every single year and yet every single year the extra battery size gets me every single time regardless for a phone heavier than the s 20 ultra it’s extremely proportionate making.

It simple to manage the one-handed mode definitely needs work though reach-ability just doesn’t provide the same functionality of say the one-handed modes found on samsung devices the display on the iphone 11 pro max is one of the nicest in the smartphone industry which is made by samsung mind you apple calibrates and tunes the display for their liking which is why it’s different than other devices it’s bright vibrant and accurate the only thing that’s missing from.

It is really a higher refresh rate and of course a smaller notch but i have a feeling that this is going to be coming to future iphones sooner than later regardless even after 11 months the iphone 11 pro max’s display is a joy to look at the one thing about the iphone 11 pro max that’s nearly impossible to complain about is the soc performance the a 13 bionic is an incredible chip that is nearly impossible to utilize at peak performance due to the apps currently available apple has never been about paper specs this is clearly seen.

The iphone 11 pro and 11 pro max only having 4 gigabytes of ram when in comparison android flagships go all the way up to 16 gigabytes this of course comes down to the reason why people choose apple and that’s their software optimization a year with any iphone will teach you this lesson the iphone 11 pro max and ios 13 improved throughout the year ios 13 brought improvements and new features while some updates were strictly squashing bugs that apple kind of created themselves but for the most part my iphone 11 pro max and ios 13 experience has been great some of the issues.

I encountered were stock apps freezing glitching and appearing messed up the biggest issue was at random times my phone heating up and then freezing a simple phone power cycle would fix the issue and ever since the latest round of updates it’s no longer happened as a recent the most annoying thing.

I’ve encountered is face id not allowing for an alternative appearance when wearing a mask it’s not a big deal i get it it’s just a minor inconvenience and i understand the issues with security plus apple did state that a fix for this is coming soon in a future update perhaps the biggest issue i have with my iphone 11 pro max is the battery.

I’ve complained about it in my previous six months later video which was posted around four months ago i mean timeliness was never one of my prime virtues the sad thing is that in four months my iphone 11 pro max went from a 95 battery health capacity to 90 i’m sorry but that’s ridiculous unfortunately i can’t get my phone swapped through standard warranty so i’ll have to make an apple care plus claim.

If you use an iphone 11 pro max let me know in the comment section how long you’ve had your phone and what your current battery health capacity is sadly a phone that once lasted me an entire day doesn’t even make it through a full day without needing a quick charge in the evening anymore the camera on the iphone 11 pro max is one of its biggest selling points despite not having the highest megapixel count or packing the most cameras.

It can piece with the best of them and surpasses a lot of the competition over the last year the camera has improved and new features have been brought to the camera app this includes things like deep fusion which is for the in-between times when you’re not in an extremely bright situation but also not in a low light situation it’s really strange and despite some saying they can’t notice a difference i certainly can if you snap a photo and you notice that it takes a little bit longer to preview chances are it’s a deep fusion image you’ll also see a much sharper image with plenty of detail in fact i would say at times it’s just too sharp night mode has also gotten better with time.

I could take incredible low light photos or even snap awesome historiography type images i wish apple would introduce a pro mode or manual mode into the stock camera app but ultimately there are many great third-party apps available so it’s not too big of a problem on the video side being able to shoot 4k 60 frames per second on all four cameras is awesome if there’s another phone out there that’s capable of doing this let me know in the comment section because i’m pretty sure the iphone is the only one that can do it you can also stream from all four cameras at once however you’re limited to recording two at a time.

If you use a third-party app called double take double take is from the makers of film pro and it works pretty good so if you’re interested make sure to check it out i still think the iphone 11 pro max is the best smartphone for video currently on the market it has the most reliable auto focus great stabilization excellent colors and really good auto white balance in the last year apple also added the ability to change the frame rate and resolution right inside the camera app which is so much more convenient versus what it was before so what would.

I change about the iphone 11 pro to make it better for the iphone 12 pro that’s a tough one because the experience is already great consistent and reliable however there are a handful of things first and foremost future iphones really need to be equipped with a 5g radio or an antenna even though 5g may not be ready for prime time and it’s still in its infant stages and continuing to grow for the price of this phone and compared to the competition it should have a 5g antenna promotion on the ipad should make its way over to the iphone which will improve the display’s refresh rate and make.

It comparable to phones from samsung one-plus and other manufacturers the lightning connector is a little annoying and should be replaced with USB to make things cohesive within their own ecosystem or if you want a portlets iphone just go ahead and release that already a reverse wireless charging would also be cool for the apple watch or air pods but it’s really not needed more importantly i want to see better battery optimization because there is zero reason why my battery health has dropped nearly 10 percent in a year for the cameras i would love to see 4 k up to 120 frames per second even in short bursts.

I think that would be absolutely incredible and way more useful than 8 k at least in my personal opinion also i think it’s time that we saw a megapixel increase even if it’s only four megapixels it’s going to be welcomed lastly i think it’s time that we see a pro mode for both video and photo inside the stock app ultimately my one year experience with the iphone 11 pro max has been excellent and easily one of the best iphone experiences I’ve had outside of the battery problems.

It’s been consistent reliable and exceptional when it comes to performance with that being said i guess that’s the end of this video if there’s anything that you would like to add feel free to comment down below if you enjoyed the article consider giving it a comment and stay with us for more content just like this and i will see you incredible people in the next Post.


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