Redmi Note 8 Pro Review Special Features Quad Cameras Epic Battery


Threatening your approach here I’ve used it as my primary for well over a week so what’s the verdict is the mood of media take a pro or is it a con as the 64 megapixel camera and upgrade is it a gimmick is the nor a pro where the 202$ asking price or is that honest pricing let’s find out in today’s post.

If you do end up liking what you see please don’t forget to turn on notifications by hitting that Bell icon let’s go ahead and get this review started let it build the design we’ve spoken about that a lot it’s correct last five to the front and back which at this price point it’s quite fabulous they’ve not downgraded to Gorilla Glass 3 + or anything so that’s nice and props to show me there or rather read me there the back on this white very end it’s a nice mix of hues it’s a gradient yes but it’s not as in-your-face as say the note 10 + that I have it’s a bit refined.

I really like what red means done with the looks the site is still plastic yes but they have a metallic finish kind of like Samsung’s mid ranges from a while back but here they kind of augment the look of the phone at 8.8 millimetres of thickness and 200 grams of weight the redmi note 8 pro is it a small or light phone but hey you aren’t really looking for a small or light phone if you’re looking at a redmi not right that’s it for a larger phone man or a pro s comfortable in hand in the week out that I used it as my primary I didn’t feel it as being a heavy phone I didn’t use it with the included silicone case at all times as the glass back is Lipari and prone to smudges so grip wise it wasn’t really a problem for me.

I liked how the noir 8 pro felt in hand the curved 3d glass back help with ergonomics so not only from a luxe perspective but even when it came to the anon feel to not a pro felt cut and red knee has even managed to keep the overall size of the phone about the same as its predecessor despite managing to increase the size of the display no talking about which this is what I had to say in my unboxing of the Indian variant you know Rodney has got that beautiful 6.5 3 inch IPS LCD panel here the resolution is Full HD plus so it’s pretty sharp the knotch is quite tiny and unobtrusive and this display is covered by Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 for protection the quality of the panel that’s excellent it has good accurate whites pumped-up colors and excellent viewing angles it gets quite bright to 500 nits as what read me is claiming.

I have no reason to doubt it since I’ve had little trouble using it outdoors while all this was great the one con with the Chinese variant was that it did not have support for white van l1y Brunelleschi and certification is now present here and streaming HD content the apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime should be no issue now the display is just one aspect of media consumption another’s audio for that the headphone jack is still present and the audio output from.

It it’s pretty without a nuclear-free of distortion no complaints the single downloads bearing speak also sounds louder than they did with the note 7 pro so that’s a step up to well on the topic of audio cellular reception and call quality were on point and then there’s any signal drops from the call quality was crystal clear at most times okay let’s not talk internals the biggest upgrade to the redmi note 8 pro it’s gotta be the chip inside here this time after a long time hradny’s chosen to go with media tag for their note series this could have potentially been a bad move.

If the chip and not performed well now a lot of people including myself we had concerns on how this ship was gonna hold up but the helio g9 TT it’s been very good if you look at the spec sheet this is a twelve manometer octa-core chip the core breakup is too high-powered a 76 cores clocked up to two gigahertz each and six power efficient a fifty-five cores clocked at up to 2.0 5 gigahertz each they coupled with a mali g76 GPU that quad-core CPU clocked at up to 800 megahertz at launch show me a rather read me were proud to talk of benchmark numbers but benchmarks they don’t know always tell the whole story right but whether it was my gaming tests the performance part of parts of ed where we push the hello g9 TD as much as we could or whether it was with regards to handling the thermals to check for heating or throttling thread mean on a probe performed fine we get X – engine game technology along with me wise game turbo they’re supposed to play a big role in making this happen gaming performance is really good the liquid cooled deck inside helps avoid throttling and also keeps the phone from getting too hot and with day to day usage me UI 10 on top of Android 9 pi is what we get here and the G 9 TT runs it like a champ let me have promised to upgrade this to me UI 11 before the end of the year the user experience here has been exceptional so far.

I took the note 8 pro with me on my trip to Dubai and I had actually switched to it from a flagship phone but I didn’t really feel like I was using a slower device the g9 TT inside along with the use of ufs 2.1 storage meant that mean you I felt fast and responsive and the experience was almost flagship level at least.

When it came to day-to-day usage whether it was browsing checking social media scrolling through a feed or jumping back and forth between apps using new eyes intuitive gestures it’s all very smooth the g9 TT also allows for giveaway cup word support so we can wake the phone up using either Amazon Alexa or Google assistance trigger words this isn’t something we’ve seen at this segment and definitely adds value that we’ve not seen before Alexa is quite integrated here and we also find Google lands integrated into the camera software these are features that are unique to the Indian variant and apart from then there’s also the regular FM radio support face unlock is also present and accounted.

It was my go-to security feature and my time with the note 8 Pro probably because of all the in display fingerprint scanners these days if kind of spoiled me so I’m used to scanners on the front and I don’t really use the rear scan as much.

I mean I didn’t like the fact that this one’s raised but it’s a little too high it’s not a big convert it is one worth mentioning nonetheless it’s still excellent hardware snappy fast and accurate to detect and unlock now the other sundries include the p2y coating that we usually find on redmi devices and the Indian variant even comes with a dedicated micro SD card slot one thing that the Indian variant does not come with s NFC which Xiaomi claims is not too popular in India and Glenn by the comments on my unboxing video it seems Xiaomi is right most people don’t seem to care about NFC so that doesn’t feel like a big omission the eating mod quick charger is included in the box and this helps get that mammoth 4500 milliard hour battery the largest on a redmi note phone till date from 0 to 40 in about 30 minutes that’s quite good for a battery the size it’s not something you’re gonna need to do often biggest when.

I was using the small on a couple of days I didn’t even bother plugging it in on in the night I was confident enough of getting through day two that’s how impressive the battery life was I agree these are days where I wasn’t pushing my phone to the max but still I wasn’t aware I was taking sample shots like these I was using knobs to find my way around.

I was checking prices to see if things were more expensive in India or anyway II you know how much things converted to I mean if you’ve traveled out of the country you know that’s probably what you use your phone most for when you’re outside India to do math I still got to the end of day two easily and that’s how good the battery life was Britney has done a stellar job with battery you gotta give them that now let’s finally talk cameras we have a quad camera set up to the back the primary camera here it is Samsung 64 megapixel GW one it does well it captures a good amount of detail and colors there are mic range isn’t bad either.

I spent a lot of time shooting with this one the clouds here or the scratch glass in this picture it came across quite nicely I really like this picture of Chennai city especially now you know how the 48 megapixel Sony x58 six with that sensor we lost our dynamic range when we switch to the 48 megapixel moon that doesn’t happen here we don’t really lose out on much the detail improves quite a bit without us losing much the only loss here the only con rather is the increased file size it’s about 17 to 20 MB per picture when you shoot 64 megapixels

The wide-angle sensor it’s 8 megapixel F 2.2 it’s okay the colors are pretty similar this quite a bit of detail loss especially when we come down from 64 megapixels it’s okay though for the price like in the small shot if you want to fit a lot into one frame or like here’s a shot of Colombo International Airport if you want to fit a lot in this is the way to go the 2 megapixels macro sensor lets us get shots like this one given the amount of detail the 6000 megapixel sensor captures the difference between this and taking a picture with a primary and cropping in is how macro keeps everything in focus now is that something you need is that something that’s important to you.

I’ll let you decide the final sensor is another 2 megapixel sensor this time for death deduction it helps with portrait shots it does reasonably well and talking about portraits the 20 megapixel selfie camera it does well – it actually does well with all shots nothing to complain about as for low-light performance there is a dedicated low light mode like mode that mean white generally offers redne does well with this mode there’s still noise but as long as there is a bit of light around the image quality is excellent much better than what we’d find on a phone in this segment it’s a worthy successor to the redmi note 7 Pro no doubt about it.

I saw video we have support for 4k at 30fps at this resolution the video is quite punchy and crisp no stabilization though that kicks in only at 1080p at this resolution it’s all quite stable nice footage so all that said the cameras are a pro and now let’s talk pricing let any kind of surprised us all this time honest pricing is in jest – mythical mass marketing mantra it actually happened to be true 14 triple nine for the 664 base that insane pricing not a pro it brings with it you know before we talk about what it brings with it it is more expensive than last year’s note yes note pro.

I don’t disagree but if you’re gonna compare it with last year’s 664 variant it’s actually a thousand bucks cheaper but every year prices are supposed to go down I mean for the hardware that’s being offered so you could argue that as well but if there is a year that Redmi could get away with hiding prices for what’s being offered this could be that generation not killer rather generation because there’s a lot that the school is offering the nor a pro s killer it is an all-round winner.

If you’re waiting to buy a phone in this segment right no more the no rave Pro is probably the best option at the moment it’s got a lot it’s got excellent cameras it’s got one of the most powerful chips and this segment today it’s got an excellent class build it’s got that p2i coating it’s got a mammoth 4500 milliard hour battery with quick chat support in the box and it feels nice and hand and it’s got overall it looks good it’s got a good design going for it so yeah there you go these are my two cents on the note 8 Pro what do you think what do you feel about reading these latest nor 8 Pro do you feel it is a greater friend you feel that something ready should have done better let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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