Redmi Note 8 review The perspective you need


Oh dear oh dear it seems like the past three years of this has been essentially pointless and no I’m not having a depressive episode the redmi note 8 comes in at a hundred pounds brand-new on ebay and you know what that could make it one of the best true value options in the smartphone industry that we’ve ever ever seen hey guys i’m ryan thomas and this is my review of the xiaomi redmi note 8 I’m pretty sure that every affordable smartphone in 2019 looks the same and that’s not necessarily a bad thing the color gradient on this unit is vibrant and with that glass back resembles more of a huawei or Xiaomi phone than anything else the sides are actually made of hard wearing plastic surprisingly they certainly feel and look like metal.

I had to look it up to find out that they’re not actually made of metal the included TPU case is nice it’s kind of what we’re used to seeing apart from the fact that it has raised edges on the corners and on the camera bump to further protect the phone it’s something that I recommend on phones like this that have glass backs the note 8 lacks water resistance and a super high screen to body ratio but mix up for it with a water droplet knotch an IR blaster microSD expansion USBC albeit in 2.0 flavor a headphone port this cold blue gradient into the chin on the front and a physical fingerprint scanner that actually works seriously and like.

I don’t care how cool and the display fingerprint scanners are they’re just not good enough like compared to this ting that’s on the back capacitive standard fingerprint scanner we’ve had it for years it’s way quicker it’s way more reliable it’s in the right place I honestly don’t see the point of under display fingerprint scanners.

I could go on for ages about this oh but one know about it you may need the included TPU case on the back otherwise the the ridge to it just is a little bit shallow and sometimes you can miss it it’s way easier to feel when you have that case that kind of I don’t know caricatures the big hole in the back of the phone 1080p displays I’d expect from phones around 200 pounds but for a hundred pounds well this just gets better it may be 60 Hertz.

It may be an IPS but it’s impressive given the price and it looked just as good in person as it does on paper the viewing angles are some of the best that I’ve seen in a little while especially from a phone of this price range and at six point three inches you’d expect it to be quite big but given its nineteen point five by nine cut at all aspect ratio and fairly slim bezels it’s actually a lot easier to hold in the hand than you might first expect.

I think about this all the time can we just stop and appreciate the fact that a mid sized phone in 2019 is 6.3 inches that’s just kind of blows my mind however it’s not perfect and honestly there are a couple of deal-breakers that well they ruin it for me personally what is that the brightness range just isn’t enough it doesn’t get insanely bright and goes nowhere near dim enough for comfortable reading in bed – is that the radius of the curve corners is ridiculous.

I mean come on I’ve noticed this a lot with modern smartphones they curve the edges massively make them really really wide curves I kind of miss like the Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 can a tight radii into the curved corners of the screen because that gives it more of a design flare as opposed to an overruling almost cartoony feeling design aesthetic.

I have to talk about battery life and charging because although the battery life in charging on the redmi note 8 is average average means a completely different thing in 2019 going into 2020 first of all it’s got a four thousand milliard hour battery which is kind of standard across the board these days for as a couple of years ago that would have been pretty massive with that you get all-day battery life you may not be going too far into the second day but you tend to make over 24 hours or at least I did anyway the battery life is as good as I’d expect it to be it’s not tremendous.

It’s not like make 30 pro levels but it’s it’s good it’s good battery life and secondly the charging is 18 watt quick charge which kind of sounds like what it’s quick charging so it’s above average but 18 what quick charging is the average these days and you see companies that are pushing 25 30 40 50 what charges they’re just going insane the good battery life is definitely something that’s helped by the four thousand milliard hour battery but also by the new Xiaomi me–why software that’s on this thing it might not be everyone’s cup of tea and honestly when I started using it.

I didn’t really like it but over the the iterations of it the updates are I’ve certainly used a lot of family phone since then and the amount of bloatware has been reduced pretty substantially to the point where it doesn’t feel overloaded now saying that I did still install nova and an icon pack called borealis those two together make this phone just look a little bit nicer that’s mainly because this thing doesn’t have an app drawer.

I really wanted an app drawer I don’t know why there isn’t one in me UI me wise colorful past has definitely given it a bit of a reputation but I feel like it’s not quite as deserved as it was a couple of years ago and software like this like me while I like color OS and like emui I’ve certainly come like leaps and bounds in the past just six months really.

If you haven’t used me wide like an updated version of me UI you need to try out and really see the improvements that have been made let’s be honest with the snapdragon 665 and three to six gigabytes of ram the redmi note 8 was never going to be a gamers phone it’s not got enough power to do everything that you might want it to do but that’s not to say that it can’t do anything I’ve the base model with three gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigs of storage.

I was able to play quite a few games without issue and even some 3d titles now the typical bar one of these is certainly not going to be using their phone to play a lot of games so maybe I should touch on the other performance characteristics of this thing performance characteristics of this thing for basic social media usage like watching YouTube videos scrolling kind of the infinite scrolling of Twitter and Facebook and enduring stuff like that that was perfectly fine on this and I would expect anyone to pretty much have exactly the same experience.

I did on the base model which is that you’re good to a certain point and then if you try to switch applications quite quickly you can run into memory issues because there just isn’t enough RAM down the three gigabyte model this is so I suppose if you see yourself as well obviously not a power user because why would you buy a redmi note 8 if you’re a power user but if you were a little bit more of a power user.

I would recommend going up to the six gigabyte model because so many phones these days have six gigabytes of RAM that Android is kind of based around having that amount of RAM unless you’re a pixel which is a little bit more specialized with pixel experience or with other phones that have very specialized versions of their software on that that kind of work in conjunction with the hardware 3 gigabytes around my field just isn’t quite enough here.

It didn’t really didn’t make the phone unusable put it that way the next bit had me incredibly intrigued because what kind of quad camera setup could have phoned that just over 100 pounds going to get you you know what a pretty respectable one to be honest now the added depth sensor and macro camera could probably be emitted to know ones disappointment but the main and wide-angle cameras produced images that kind of rather baffled me see 48 megapixel cameras like this in the past have been riddled with software issues like crappy over sharpening and terrible handling of color this though is kind of something different it works with the colour and contrast better than many phones more expensive than it’s and even captures more dynamic range than.

I was expecting as well having an ultra wide camera on a phone of this price point is awesome and I wish that no premium smartphones have done that earlier this year selfies from the redmi note 8 fall a little bit but that might be me kind of being picky. I don’t take an awful lot of selfies on my phone but for those who do this may not be the phone for you the whole light roll off is a little bit iffy although not quite as bad as on recent Apple phones don’t get me wrong this isn’t the perfect camera system and these aren’t the perfect images they’re impressive but they’re not perfect and that’s the thing is this is pretty bang average but that’s that’s kind of incredible the images and video and all of that from a phone like this at this price point in part of the market can be this good.

It just absolutely baffles me you compare this to a phone of a couple of years ago that cost upwards of six hundred pounds and they those things just gonna look terrible compared to what you can get out of this this is a hundred pounds like ultra pants my time with the redmi note 8 was really interesting not necessarily because the best phone in the world but because of what it represents in.

The market right now the fact that you can get a phone that’s packed with these hardware features software features cost just over a hundred pounds looks this good works this well it’s crazy and this isn’t European market in asia it’s actually quite a lot cheaper than that still I hear you spec heads and I hate you no really.

I do but I’ve gotta say you don’t need a flagship in 2019 anymore well 2020 you don’t even need a mid-range er you could I could I could use this happily the full gigabyte of RAM version I could use this you you don’t need a flagship anymore sorry sorry spec heads that’s it see ya bye links in description you.


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