Samsung Galaxy A51 Review Read Before You Buy


What’s going on guys my name is Wade with tech daily and in this video I’ll be giving my full review of the new Samsung Galaxy 851 I’ve had this phone for a couple of weeks now and not only have I had the opportunity to really put this device to the test but I’ve also compared it to some other Samsung a-series phones on the channel and I’ve received a lot of questions and comments from you guys that I also hope to answer in this video now I think given the popularity of Samsung’s a-50 last year and a lot of new attention from US customers who were probably introduced to this mid-range line of phones for the very first time.

I suspect that this year the 8051 will once again be on a lot of people’s radars in the coming months especially when this device launches on more carriers in the meantime though you can pick up an unlocked or international version of this device right now from places like Amazon and B&H photo for under 300 bucks and honestly in a world of thousand dollar-plus smartphones the value that this phone offers I think far exceeds what you get in the end from a flagship device.

If you are interested in doing some comparison shopping of your own or maybe you want to buy this device for yourself I’ll have the links down below to where you can get this phone right now and all the colors that is cheapest price and there are also some bundle deals too so check down there if you’re seriously considering the a 51 as your next device first things first let’s talk design from last year’s a52 this year’s a 51 samsung basically polished what was already pretty good but ultimately made this device something that rivals any flagship on the market today going from a teardrop notch to the Infinity Oh cut out for the front camera was definitely needed that’s the style.

I like and this setup is even smaller than what you might see on the note 10 for example the bezels all the way around have shrunk a bit too particularly that bottom chin which is much more even compared to the rest of the edges overall this is a device that looks like a 20/20 smartphone from the front and around back we get that glossy shiny rainbow effect on a hard plastic housing that’s paired with a hard plastic polished frame if you’re familiar with the glass sandwich design and metal frame of flagship phones this is a step-down but honestly in the hand this is a phone that still feels premium and personally going with a blastic or faux glass design is better for durability anyway dropping this phone doesn’t trigger the usual heart attack.

I might get if I were to drop the $1200 all glass s 20 I know the a 51 can at least handle a bit more abuse and conveniently enough even if you are worried about durability Samsung includes a decent clear rubber case in the box so you can protect that brand new phone the second you set it up which is great unfortunately there is one thing it can’t exactly handle water with no IP rating for this device you’ll need to be a bit more careful around sinks showers and pools over the years I’ve gotten pretty numb to my smartphones taking on water so the lack of any guarantee here is definitely something.

I took into consideration another feature lacking with this device is wireless charging now personally I couldn’t care less wireless charging is not something I prioritize so I don’t consider this a negative at all but I know a lot of people consider it a significant missing feature for whatever reason taking a look around the rest of the phone there are a couple of other things worth pointing out you’ve got your usual button placement for the power and volume switch and a dual sim and SD card tray off to the left at the bottom you’ll find a headphone jack which is much appreciated and you do get a pair of earbuds in the box too which is nice and there’s a USB C charging port down there as well and one single speaker and honestly.

If I could pick just one thing to improve on this device it would be that speaker in general it’s good not great a bit muffled the louder you go and the lack of stereo sound I think is just a huge miss even at that $300 price points maybe.

I just used the speaker more than most people but every time I listen to it I’m reminded just how much better of a speaker setup a lot of other phones have nowadays it’s certainly usable it’s not bad but it has the potential to be significantly better like most mid-range and flagship smartphones the a51 hides its fingerprint sensor under the front glass now.

I’ve said in previous videos about this phone that I found it to be not the most accurate thing in the world I believe that partly has to do with the built-in screen protector that ships on this device I’ve reset my fingerprint a couple of times and I’ve seen some improvements when I really take the time to scan and set it up and also as I’ve used this phone I’ve gotten more used to it as well but personally I found face unlock to be a bit more reliable for me the lifts awake and auto lock setup means that you have access to the phone right away and with the improvements to the front-facing camera which I’ll talk about in a minute.

I think face unlock is the better choice all things considered at least when it comes to strictly unlocking and accessing your device as quickly and accurately as possible obviously for Security’s sake it’s not the better option but that’s a whole nother conversation one of the things I was most impressed with by last year’s a-series phones especially the a 50 was what Samsung offers with the display this is a sub $300 phone with a massive 6.5 inch screen an excellent screen to body ratio like.

I mentioned earlier and it’s a Super AMOLED panel sure it’s only 1080 resolution but the bright bold colors excellent detail and flawless viewing angles make this a device that I think can really wow people when they see it I think the screen itself is probably the most underrated and underappreciated aspect of Samsung’s a-series line altogether now no obviously it can’t compete with a flagship device but at the end of the day this is a phone that offers probably the best viewing experience for the price and that’s something that also extends to the a 71 and likely all the other new a series phones that Samsung plans to launch throughout the year inside the a 51 is powered by Samsung’s own Exynos 96 11 chipset which is a slight step up from the 96 10.

I’ll say up front that if you’re buying this phone specifically for April boost over the 850 you’ll likely be disappointed the GPU is the same Molly G 72 we’ve had for a while and you’ve got the same RAM options to choose from either four or six gigs now I do want to mention that there’s been some I guess you could say misleading claims from phone sellers online who supposedly offered six gig versions of this device but instead ended up just shipping four gig phones to the customers here in the US.

I haven’t been able to buy or even find a six gig a51 so the phone I have here is the standard four gigs of RAM device and that’s how I’m judging my experience with performance and unfortunately I just can’t comment right now on how much better if at all the a 51 with six gigs of RAM might perform with all that being said though I still think this is a device that performs well under usual conditions for most day-to-day tasks I’ve had only a few hiccups with strange lag or an app crash probably five or less instances that were noticeable beyond that this phone has been able to handle anything.

I personally need to do and even pushing it a bit harder with games like pub G as highest settings or asphalt 9 I haven’t found really any frame drops or performance issues at all keep in mind this was actually the first new Samsung phone of the year to ship with Android ten and one UI – it’s usually the s-line that gets the first major Android updates so it was sort of interesting move here by the company and.

I think more than anything just shows how much they’re pushing this a-series line and trying to offer the best software experience possible realistically this phone will likely see two years of supported updates and looking ahead long term I think this phone will be fine for that length of time maybe a little longer but if you’re hoping to keep this device for four or five years you might be better off investing a little more money and going with something like the a 71 instead which has noticeably better internal specs powering this phone is a pretty respectable 4,000 milliamp battery which I found to be really solid in day to day use I end most days with 30% left or more and while it isn’t the crazy powerhouse at the m30 s is.

I don’t have any complaints the only gripe I have is Samsung’s decision to stick with 15 want fast-charging support rather than going with a 25 watt standard I can of course still get a few hours of use from 30 minutes or so on the charger which is great and I guess Samsung just needed one more thing to differentiate this device from the higher-end a 71.

I think the biggest thing this phone has going for it especially when compared to a lot of other devices in that 250 to 500 dollar range has to be the camera capabilities it’s pretty widely known that mid-range and budget phones really tend to fall short with pictures and videos but Samsung’s efforts and improving that experience with the a51 definitely paid off hardware wise we get a crazy four lens setup which includes an upgraded 48 megapixel main lens a 12 megapixel ultra wide 5 megapixel depth sensing camera and a brand new 5 megapixel macro lens right off the bat let me just say that the macro lens is pretty gimmicky not only is it buried in the extra options I don’t think it’s even really all that useful taking super up-close pictures might be fun for like a minute but.

I don’t know that you’ll be using it all that often the rest of the camera setup though is really quite good I’ve snapped dozens of pictures now with this phone over the last couple of weeks and I haven’t been disappointed at all with the standard lens I found that pictures had great color balance a fair amount of detail and overall no matter the lighting conditions or subjects.

I couldn’t find that much to critique the only disappointing aspect of the cameras had to do with the wide-angle lens it tended to lose a lot of the shadows and dark areas for whatever reason but it still offers a decent picture all things considered overall as long as you aren’t directly comparing these results to some thousand-dollar flagship you won’t be disappointed again especially considering the price point here under $300.

I don’t think there’s another device that competes when it comes to the cameras like I said these mid-range phones haven’t always offered a lot with the camera quality but Samsung went ahead and made some great improvements in regards to video quality there’s definitely some potential here at least filming in 1080p with the extra video stabilization option enabled the focus tracking isn’t amazing as you can see and when you bump up to 4k video recording which doesn’t support the extra video stabilizing you lose a lot of stability which is unfortunate overall though.

I don’t think the camera improvements found with pictures translate all that well to the video recording and it’s probably the biggest weakness at least with the camera capabilities specifically for this phone up front Samsung really made some solid improvements with the selfie camera we get new hardware a 32 megapixel F 2.2 aperture lens and a new capability 4k video recording which is a pretty high-end option on a front facing camera for a phone at this price point the front camera on the a 50 in my opinion was not all that great and with the a 51.

I think we’re seeing the improvements we needed it for sure so here are all my final thoughts on the a 51 I think especially here in the US market this device is far and away the best value smartphone that you can buy right now internationally with Xiaomi and real me and some other brands offering solid options the choice is tougher but.

I suspect that this device will once again be incredibly popular in the coming months when more carriers off it and it’s more widely available and especially since the s20 is just a ridiculously priced device more and more people will probably be looking for solid affordable options for their next phone now I still think I prefer the a 71 over this device for the long term but for the price and the value the a 51 is an awesome choice and I don’t think your credits so there you go that’s everything you need to know about the new Samsung Galaxy 851 let me know what you think of this device in the comments below I’d love to know your thoughts of course especially.


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