Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Unboxing First Impressions


Hey guys how’s it going in this Article we’re gonna be doing an unboxing give the first impressions on the galaxy s 10 light so what is the S 10 light since we just had the s 10 released a year ago and really Samsung’s approach with this phone is to give you premium specs and a premium smartphone experience but at a lower price point when the Galaxy S 10 came out last year it retailed at $1,000 I personally purchased this phone off of ebay from a third-party seller for $600 so expect this phone to be in the 550 to $600 range.

I would expect this device to start shipping out before the release and shipment of the galaxy s 20 and new Samsung phones coming in February but let’s go ahead and get into the device so you’re not staring at a box we have the prism blue color here and this is a global model so wherever you buy this phone it does not matter you’re gonna get the SMG 7 7 0 F dual SIM it’s either 6 gigabytes or 8 gigabytes of RAM I’m not quite sure which one but we’ll find that out once we jump into the phone oh wow I’m already excited because it looks to be the same blue color as my galaxy note n plus but we’ll put that aside before I get too excited let’s see what else we get in the box here now the first thing on top here.

I’m super excited about is the super fast charger because this phone supports the 25 watt super fast charging that you would find on the Galaxy Note 10 and no 10 plus and yes it lives up to its name it is super fast so I’m super excited to use that we also have our black type C to type C cable and as far as earbuds go let’s check these guys out seems to be pretty nice so interesting variation here of the earbuds that I haven’t seen before we have this clear colored silicon tip that will rest inside of your ear it is different than the Galaxy Note 10 and also a differently designed earbud altogether it looks to be more premium than the offerings of the galaxy a51 earbuds these were very cheap when.

I tested them so later in the video we’ll give these a lesson and see how they perform and on the reverse side of the lid we have an extra pamphlet up here it seems to be pretty thick maybe we got a case and I’ll mention two we also have the sim card ejection tool on the outside and yes we do get a case included have our instructions and here is our case similar to the case offered with the galaxy a 51 has a little bit of texture to it on the inside but it’s smooth on the outside and it has the slightest of a tint to it so it’s not a completely clear case but we will try that on the phone a little bit later so that’s everything that comes.

In the box now let’s focus our attention on the galaxy s 10 light so Wow yes okay it is pretty much the same color as the Galaxy Note 10.1 the S 10 light just leave that there for a point of reference but let’s go ahead and peel this off okay so the first compromise worth mentioning is that this has a plastic back opposed to the normal glass back that we might be accustomed to on more premium devices and it has the weight of a more premium phone too it’s not super lightweight or anything so in terms of feel it definitely feels premium despite having the plastic back now following a recent trend we have a per-installed screen protector on this device and I know this is going to annoy people.

I’m gonna take off that screen protector because personally when using the gestures at the bottom of your screen you hit that screen protector every time and it’s just not smooth it’s very rigid and just doesn’t give a nice experience when using the phone it is a very thin and flimsy screen protector so if you do want a screen protector.

I would recommend buying one off of Amazon or elsewhere online for cheap we have our micro SD card slot and our sim slot here on the left side and then on the right side we have our volume buttons and the power button but let’s go ahead and boot up the Galaxy S 10 light take a look at this six point seven inch display 1080 by 2400 pixels 22 9 aspect ratio 394 pixels per inch always-on display HDR Super AMOLED plus display also right off the bat here.

I can see a very similar sized hole punch at the top as the note 10 plus in my galaxy a 51 review I did make the point that the hole punch seems to be significantly smaller it looks like the camera is the same size but there’s this extra little black looking bezel around that whole punch so definitely something to keep in mind something else will get a good look at right now is that the s10 light has a six point seven inch screen like.

I said and on the note 10 plus over here we have a six point eight inch display so just the slightest bit of a difference and of course on the note line we have that box of your shape and the more rounded shape on the S line all right so we’re still transferring a few apps over and stuff but here is the galaxy s 10 light and it’s full glory six point seven inch Super AMBLED plus display Android ten 1ui 2.0 I just tested out a few apps and everything opens and closes super smoothly so while we have those last few apps transfer the first thing.

I want to check out is the audio quality on the s10 light so I’m just going to jump into a video here we’ll go to our latest review okay so if you didn’t notice there we just have the bottom firing speaker here and earpiece on top for calls but as far as the audio goes just the bottom firing speaker it gets pretty loud but when you’re expecting that premium experience from your phone the speakers are not giving you the absolute best that I’ve had and tested but something that seems to be the case with any Samsung device is that it’s usually some of the loudest volume of any other phones.

I’ve used so that bottom firing speaker it is just the one speaker but it does get loud and for me just watching YouTube like right here it definitely suffices I’ll just roll a little bit more of this video here to show you how that hole punch may interfere with things you’re watching or things you’re doing and since still talking about audio quality it is worth mentioning that there is no headphone jack on the s10 light but they do include the type C earbuds in the box so I’m going to give another quick listen with the earbuds on and give you a quick analysis on what I think of the earbuds I’m actually very impressed with the earbuds here so you won’t need to go and search for another pair of earbuds if you are gonna pick up this phone.

I just really appreciate when the headphone jack is gone that they offer earbuds that plug into that type C port also as I promised earlier I would check this this device has 6 gigabytes of RAM but this device will also be shipping with 8 gigabytes of RAM so if you want the 8 gigabyte model I would hold out on that and wait until its shipping to your country right now if you buy this third-party or elsewhere you’re probably going to get the 6 gigabyte RAM device alright next we’re gonna take a quick look at performance by playing a game so as expected this thing is running like a champ super smooth performance and we’re just don’t call duty mobile here but this has been running buttery smooth I mean we do have the Snapdragon 855 processor.

I wouldn’t really expect any less but absolutely no lag at all when gaming and super smooth performance also something I wanted to see really quick is if the s10 light supports decks so go ahead and plug in and nothing happening ok so that’s pretty disappointing this has the specs to have decks on it so I really don’t know why they just didn’t throw decks on this the decks support not on here really is a head scratcher also taking a look at the facial recognition here it is super fast get you into your phone right away as you can see as soon as that facial recognition initiates its right into your device super fast super quick super responsive and that kind of paints the picture for my first impressions of the galaxy s 10 light is.

I am very impressed with this phone I’m very happy with the specs it provides at the price point it’s currently selling at $550 with that snapdragon 855 the Super AMOLED plus display the super fast 25 watt charging of 4500 milliamp hour battery which I never mentioned until now and so many other premium features in addition to the Samsung 1 UI 2.0 for a great software experience and everything is just super smooth it does lack some of those premium flagship features like wireless charging we don’t have the water and dust resistance that you would find on a more premium phone the back is plastic but it’s a great looking phone it has that same really nice blue color as the galaxy note n plus also a quick look at the case here on the phone you can definitely see all those great colors and yes there is no headphone jack but the earbuds provided in the Box do sound good.

I also know a main point of this phone is that 48 megapixel super steady optimal image stabilization camera and the macro lens camera and the wide-angle lens camera as well and I’m really excited to bring the full review to you guys on this s10 light so let me know what you think of this device initially in the comments below and please consider subscribing to the Shane Simons YouTube channel today and hitting that Bell icon for notifications hope you see you guys around for the next video thanks so much for watching take care


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