Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review All You Need To Know


Samsung Galaxy S 9 plus the camera re imagined in 2018 the Samsung do enough to earn your dollar with their refined Galaxy S 9 plus with an all-new variable aperture camera this is Nick here and here is your full review coming up right now let’s go so this is the Samsung Galaxy S 9 plus it comes in coral blue midnight black or lilac purple the key specifications that matter a 6.2 and 1440p display you do have a 12 megapixel dual camera here with variable aperture f 15 to f/2 for that’s a first in a smartphone snapdragon 845 or on the other side of the world 98 10x and oh six gigs of ram and a 3500 milliard hour battery so what about design on the galaxy s 9 plus well it’s basically a refinement over the galaxy s 8 plus and you could see it’s really shiny flat camera they move the fingerprint to where you want it on this device.

It has that beautiful display on the front it actually gets a little bit shorter you can see you have billy button returns which some people won’t like at the bottom we now have a stereo speaker as well as our headphone jack USB C intelligent scan up at the front 8 megapixel camera at their bottom you do have a capacities button here and you could see that the bezels are a little bit more bezel as’ than before and this phone is a little bit shorter and a little bit wider than it actually is a little bit heavier as well but this really makes it easier to reach one hand but it’s still more of a two hand phone now that’s a little bit more Y but you do have the one hand mode here.

I feel like it definitely feels like a plus phone more so than the galaxy s 8 plus what you felt a little bit more narrow so for those guys those ladies whoever likes those really plus size phones you’re really gonna dig the samsung galaxy s 9 plus it really stands out as a plus phone now when it comes to the build quality of the galaxy s 9 plus I found this phone to be extremely durable except for the fact that the front glass surprisingly I got a scratch already I’m not saying it’s bad glass but you probably want to try to find a screen protector and put a case on this thing it’s fragile premium but it still can scratch scuff up and when you pay this kind of money for a phone you really do want to protect it so well.

I do think it’s very durable the build quality needs some protection on his device picking things over to the standout feature of this phone that’s display infinity display was marketed last year for the galaxy s 8 plus and it returns here on the s 9 + which Samsung claims is actually a little bit more bright and when you turn on auto brightness one of the first older displays it’s easily legible in the daytime no matter how bright it is outside and some of the best mode.

I feel I come back to this phone that is the AMBLED cinema AMBLED photo and basic all these allow you to tweak to display to your liking and to the accuracy that you want now out of the box this display is still a little bit more saturated what you’re gonna find on the iOS side of things for the iPhone 10 specifically.

I’m speaking about but it’s a little bit more accurate than what I’ve seen on the samsung galaxy s a plus so if you had that phone and you thought I was a little bit too saturated this one is even better than ever and whether you’re reading text you are scrolling through your gallery just looking at some photos everything does punch out to you but it doesn’t look too over saturated as some of the phones in the past have looked.

If it’s still a little bit too saturated for you you can just go into settings turn on AMOLED photo and it will definitely tone it down quite a bit the super slow-mo looks great on here as well even though it’s 720p that 2k display really makes it stand out here so the Super AMBLED panel here whether you’re playing games watching movies and we even have this new landscape mode which you could kind of do a Nova Launcher before but at least.

It’s here right out of the box really makes this display not only feature pack but crispy punchy it’s just everything you could kind of imagine and want in a display so hands down to me this is the best display on a smartphone thus far in 2018 the Android Oreo comes to the galaxy s 9 plus with Samsung experience version 9.0 and just like all other Samsung phones it looks very similar to all of them they’re out right now when it comes to software a few icons are a different color but most of it is just a little bit cleaned up and looks about the same you still have all your advanced features from all the latest Samsung’s it’s here on the s9 plus of course what else is new but overall what.

I noticed the most is that the performance was really nice on the s9 plus like really nice like very refined like the perfect Samsung you know experience that we would want to see and at least that’s out of the box now Ram management was also good and that’s something I don’t see too much on Samsung phones is excellent Ram management but the s9 plus is a shocker and it did just fine so if you really want a screaming fast Samsung phone you have to get the s9 Plus even over the s9 which has four gigs of RAM and.

I think it’s basically the standard six gigs of RAM that the Samsung flagship just needs so overall software you’ll be finding features but performance is fantastic now it has some special features here on the galaxy s 9 plus as well let’s begin with super slow-mo a feature that’s really gonna give you a very slow videos you seen that bus just going crawling slow but it’s only at 720p so that’s a pretty new feature now they are emoji here it lets you take a picture with the front camera and kind of analysed your face and it basically makes this you know like emoji character that kind of looks like you and you get to play around with it don’t get me wrong when you first get this phone and you play with this feature it’s fun but to me.

I found it to be kind of weak when it comes to the features it doesn’t have a lot of customization and it doesn’t have a lot of clothes and things like that so you know depending on who you are and how you dress and stuff like that a lot of people are not gonna find this very accurate at all and it’s gonna feel like a cheap you know garbage software but overall.

I think that you know it’s fun it’s cute when you first get the phone but what I really think you’re gonna enjoy is using this variable aperture camera at least when it comes to low-light photos not to access those low-light photos you do have to go into the pro mode and hit the aperture settings and hit F 1.5 F 2.4 or samsung will do it automatically you can see at night it was much dimmer than this picture is showing this is the F 1.5 showing.

Its stuff it really just brightens up the scene also a special feature is intelligent scan so we’re gonna go here and you can see that you can combine your face and iris scanning for a faster face unlock unlike before we you just have to choose iris scanning or facial recognition and also they finally put the fingerprint scanner in the right location and it is also more accurate and quicker also you can measure your blood pressure on this fault so this thing.

It just has a bunch of extra features and you do have Samsung pay one of the best if not the best mobile payment system on any phone right now as it works in pretty much every location but let’s take a look at these new stereo speakers and see how loud they are so you also got equalizer settings and you’ve seen that when you hit Dolby Atmos it gets very loud look at all these features you can play with in your Samsung music gap so this thing is loaded when it comes to music features and the speakers are the best ever on any Samsung not warning we are gonna play a little bit more music this one gets quite loud so I would lower down my headphones if I was you if you’re wearing headphones if not lower the volume down if you’re in a room where it’s quiet you’re gonna disturb people it’s gonna get loud here now when it comes to battery life.

I haven’t been seeing huge gains on this phone over the Galaxy S 8 plus now it is actually better than my note eight I’m getting about five to six hours of on-screen time everybody’s battery life experience is gonna be a little bit different but this phone is just to me average it’s not like amazing like the huawei mate 10 pro for example this phone gets you through the day sometimes it won’t if you’re a super heavy user but to me it’s pretty good battery life overall now let’s talk about the camera in depth here the camera here is a 12 megapixel dual shooter and if we go into camera settings this is a first for a plus s8 series RS series device you got all these new features which.

I find to be great but at the same time sometimes a little bit sensitive when you open up the camera me you accidentally swipe through and hit stuff you do have live focus which allows you to blur the background you have promo to your panorama food there is a bunch going on when it comes to the galaxy s 9 plus however I do like the fact that you can turn all these features off in the settings if you do buy this device so the best stuff though is really that F 1.5 at nighttime it really does show when you do get in low-light but in daytime that F 1.5 and F 2.4 I don’t see too much of a difference if you snap two photos in the daytime but what I really like is that all the settings are right there in the camera Apple take notes this is really.

I think a feature most iOS users would like as well all your camera settings are right there handy in the camera and you do have floating camera button and a bunch of other settings that you’re gonna be discovering must on the road that you never even knew your camera could do now the front-facing camera again it’s pretty good but a little bit soft we’re gonna cover this more in my full camera review of this device but you have wide selfie mode you can do that a are emoji thing again you do have selfie and you do have like the selfie mode that allows you to blur the background but I’m gonna shut up talking here go ahead and take a look at the samples for yourself of the s9 plus so I can’t do a review without talking about phone call quality.

I really liked using this for phone calls because the signal was always there that’s not a problem but the speakerphone was very loud and has an extra volume setting it was great gaming performance was also great low times are quick and no matter what you’re playing it was fast so the Samsung Galaxy S 9 plus pretty much checks the boxes in every area if you do want a Samsung device it has beautiful design although refined over the SI plus it’s never a bad thing when you take a product that was loved but makes it much better especially fixes one thing a lot of s8 users complained about and that was the lag but we’re gonna give you update six months later to see.

If it does lag again fingerprints in the right location finally speed speed speed this is what we wanted and this is what Samsung gave you although a lot of people like to see major drastic redesigns the finning display is only slightly touched up so should you buy it should you buy the Galaxy S nine plus and the answer is tricky it depends if you have an S 8 plus I would wait for the Android 8.0 or yo if you didn’t already get it if that doesn’t fix your problems and you just want another Samsung phone it just performs right I think it’s time to update.

If you’re a note 8 user hold off to the note 9 and see if they put all these features in the note 9 and make it even better they might even have an under fingerprint scanner thumbs up if you enjoyed this review Nick you’re up and you to master your technology comments below I’ll catch you on the next one and pay.


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