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10 last-minute Father's Day gifts that can be delivered right now

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OK, it's the day before Father's Day and you don't have a gift yet. You didn't forget, honest, but you need that gift fast. What do you do? No worries, we've got you with a few last-minute Father's Day gift ideas that can save you in the nick of time.

The name of the game here is digital delivery -  essentially something you can get mailed directly to your dad's inbox. While the dreaded gift card / voucher of years past was a bit of a cop-out (it still is, slightly), there are some fantastic options these days that cover everything from streaming subscriptions to AirBnB vouchers. 

Basically, the sky's the limit with these suggestions and you can get your dad something really thoughtful. Just because these gifts are convenient doesn't mean they have to be an afterthought. Even better still, most of these suggestions are for under $100 too, which means they're generally pretty easy on the pocket too.

If you're looking for more suggestions, particularly tech or home goods, then head on over to our main Father's Day sales (opens in new tab) page. Note, there are some great deals on that page but most of them won't be delivered in time, so bear that in mind.

10 awesome last-minute Father's Day gifts

Amazon eGift card: up to $200 on a prepaid card (opens in new tab)
The ultimate play-it-safe gift for Father's Day, or any day for that matter. You can put up to $200 on an Amazon gift card that's redeemable anywhere on the store. Yes, it's very, very boring, but if you're stuck then you at least know your dad is actually going to find this one useful - and you can get speedy digital delivery too.

Speciality gift cards at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Amazon doesn't just stock gift cards for its own store, you'll also find a ton of other gift cards available for other brands. This might be a great way to add a touch of personalization to your gift with a voucher for your dad's favorite clothes store (opens in new tab), an Apple card (opens in new tab), something for whole foods (opens in new tab), or even an AirBnB card (opens in new tab). There are hundreds of options here on everything from take out coffee (opens in new tab) to cruises (opens in new tab), some of which are guaranteed to be a hit with your dad.

Spotify Premium 12 month subscription: $99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
The beauty of a Spotify gift card is that - one, it's highly likely that someone will make use of it day in and out, and two, it can be used to top off an existing account. Don't let your dad suffer those adverts - get him unlimited ad-free streaming and skips with this relatively inexpensive Spotify gift card.

Disney Plus subscription: $79 for one year at Disney (opens in new tab)
Another super safe choice - get your dad a yearly subscription to his favorite streaming service. We've picked out Disney Plus here since it's both reasonably priced and features a wide range of content -  Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel, and National Geographic, to name a few. 

ESPN Plus subscription: $69 for one year (opens in new tab)
If your dad's into sport, then you can also consider picking up a year of ESPN Plus, the best streaming platform for sports right now. Conveniently, you can purchase this one as a standalone or bundle it in with Disney Plus for $13.99 per month, which makes it a really flexible choice.

Audible Premium Plus 12-month subscription: $150 at Amazon
(opens in new tab)
If your dad's a bookworm then getting him a 12-month Audible Premium Plus subscription is just about the best gift out there right now. This particular card will score him 12 free book tokens, unlimited access to the Audible Plus library of over 200,00 unique titles, and sitewide 30% discount on all purchases. It's not cheap, but this is a gift that can open up a huge range of possibilities.

PlayStation Plus 12 month subscription: $59.99 $44.99 at CDKeys (opens in new tab)
The first of our gamer-dad related suggestions, CDKeys is currently offering a nice little price cut on a full year of PlayStation Plus. If your dad has a PS4 or PS5 sitting under the TV at home then this one is an essential - not just because of the access to online multiplayer but also because of all the free games offered on the service. In short, it's a real safe bet. Want to simply gift some games? Try a $100 PlayStation store voucher at Amazon (opens in new tab).

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 month subscription: $44.90 $39.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Alternatively, if your dad has an Xbox or a PC, consider picking him up a top up for his Xbox Game Pass subscription. This listing is for the top tier of the game service with access to over 100 Xbox games to download and play on console and PC. It also includes EA Play for many more games and Xbox Live Gold for online multiplayer.

Steam gift card: up to $100 at Steam (opens in new tab)
If your dad is a PC gamer he'll likely have a Steam account with hundreds of games on it - likely some he's never played. Why not add to his backlog by adding an egregious amount of cash to his Steam wallet? This is a great and easy gift since he doesn't have to redeem the credit immediately and can sit on it until the next big Steam sale.

Capcom Monster megahits at Humble Bundle (opens in new tab)
The games store cum charity Humble Bundle has an exceptional Capcom-related sale on right now. Up for grabs in this bundle is Monster Hunter: World, Devil May Cry 5, Street Fighter 5, and a few other classics. If you're unaware, Humble Bundle allows you to pay an amount to charity (usually a really small sum) to get a range of games for cheap. It's a great company and a thoughtful Father's Day gift... if your dad likes Capcom games, that is.

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