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The cheapest OLED TV deals and sales for June 2022

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OLED TV deals bring some of the most luxurious displays on the market down to far more affordable rates. With heavy discounts and additional bundle options available at a range of retailers in both the US and UK, there's always something ready to shave down those lofty price tags. We've scoured the web for all the latest OLED TV deals and brought all our treasure right here. 

For any prospective bargain hunter out there, we've found deals ranging from the comparatively small 43-inches all the way up to 75-inches, so you're sure to find the right OLED TV sale for you. These TVs are fairly pricey, with most of them fetching above the $1,000 / £1,000 / AU$2,000 region. However, we are seeing more and more previous generations on sale for far less than that these days. Not sure you're up for that price tag? Take a look at the best TV deals happening right now and look forward to upcoming bargains at the 2022 Amazon Prime Day sale.

Below you'll find all the latest OLED TV deals, and you can also check out the best OLED TVs for the cream of the crop.

OLED TV deals: US

US OLED TV deals of the week

LG A1 OLED UHD 4K Smart TV (48-inch): $1,199.99$796.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $403 –
This entry-level OLED TV is the cheapest way to get a good OLED screen in your home. With 4K HDR, Dolby Vision, and 20W of Dolby Atmos audio, you're getting good specs, even if the processor is a bit less powerful than that used in the C1. Today's deal is the lowest price we've seen and a fantastic deal for an OLED TV.
55-inch: $1,299 $949.99 (opens in new tab) | 65-inch $1,799$1,349 (opens in new tab)

LG C1 OLED 4K UHD Smart TV (48-inch) | $996.99 $889.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $107 -
You can save just over $100 on the previous generation LG OLED C1 at Amazon this week, leaving us with an excellent $889.99 sales price. That's a record breaking discount on the smaller 48-inch model, with previous offers only ever reaching $920 in the past.

LG OLED G1 Series OLED 4K UHD Smart TV (55-inch): $1,396.99 $1,296.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $100 -
You're saving $100 on this LG OLED G1 display at Amazon this week, bringing the $1,396.99 MSRP down to $1,296.99. This model has seen its price falling consistently since launch, but you're getting a premium display for a particularly strong rate here.

 Sony A8H Series OLED 4K UHD Smart TV (65-inch): $2,499.99 $1,374.99 at Best Buy (opens in new tab)
Save $1,125 -
You can score a massive $1,125 discount on Sony's A8H Series OLED TV, bringing this 65-inch display down to a record-low price of $1,374.99. The Sony TV combines Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technology for an immersive experience, plus compatibility with the Amazon, Google, and Apple ecosystem.

LG C1 OLED TV (65-inch): $2,499.99 $1,579 at Walmart (opens in new tab)
Save $920 - This year's most popular OLED TV deal is the stunning LG C1 65-inch OLED TV on sale for $1,579 - $920 off the $2,499 launch price. The LG C1 is one of the best TVs (opens in new tab) you can buy, thanks to the brilliant OLED display, Alpha a9 Gen. 4 processor, and virtual surround sound audio.

LG OLED G1 Series 65-inch OLED: $2,999.99 $1,796.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $1,203 -
The G1 from LG is an outstanding OLED TV that offers excellent contrast, better brightness than we've seen before, and an impressively thin design. It's no surprise that it's on TechRadar's list of best TVs of 2022 and the 65-inch display is on sale for a record-low price of $1,796.99, thanks to this week's $1,000+ discount at Amazon.

Sony 65-inch BRAVIA XR A90J Series OLED 4K Smart TV: $3,799.99 $2,799.99 at Best Buy (opens in new tab)
Save $1,000 -
You can score a massive $1,000 discount on Sony's 65-inch Bravia XR OLED display at Best Buy. The A90J Series TV is powered by the all-new Cognitive Processor XR and packs Acoustic Sound Studio+, the Google Assistant, Airplay 2, and support for HDR, Dolby Vision, IMAX enhanced, and Netflix Calibrated Mode.

Sony XBR-A9G 77-inch BRAVIA OLED 4K UHD Smart TV: $4,999.99 $3,892 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $1,107 -
You can score a massive $1,000+ discount on Sony's A9G Bravia OLED TV which brings the 77-inch display down to $3,892. The A9G Series TV features a stunning 77-inch display that delivers a brilliant picture with bright, bold colors and life-like images thanks to the powerful X1 ultimate processor.

UK OLED TV deals of the week

OLED TV deals: UK

LG A1 OLED (48-inch) | £899 £595 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save £305 -
The A1 is LG's cheapest OLED TV and right now it's under £600 at Amazon. That's a stunning price for a display of this quality and, while we have seen it down to £549 in the past, we rarely see costs going below £600 here.

LG B1 OLED (55-inch):£1,599 £829 at Amazon
(opens in new tab)
Save £770 - The LG B1 uses a cheaper processor than the LG C1, but if you're after a great 4K picture for a little bit less (and with fewer downgrades than the LG A1 this is the OLED TV for you. You're getting a £770 discount from Amazon on this OLED TV bringing the price down to just £829.

Sony BRAVIA KE55A8/P 4K OLED TV (55-inch): £1,499£1,199 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save £300 –
This Sony Bravia OLED was released in 2021, and it's one of the best TVs (opens in new tab) we have tested - we thought it deserved five stars after our review. Today's deal from Amazon brings the 55-inch OLED display down to £1,199 - just £50 more than the record-low price.

LG OLED C2 OLED TV (42-inch) | £1,399 £1,259 at Currys (opens in new tab)
Save £140 -
The LG OLED C2 is seeing its first few discounts at Currys this week, with £140 off this 42-inch display. That's perfect if you're looking for quality but don't necessarily need to larger screen sizes these premium panels often come in.

LG G1 OLED 4K TV (77-inch): £4,499 £3,499 at AO
(opens in new tab)
Save £1,000 - The G1 from LG is an outstanding OLED TV that offers excellent contrast, beautiful colors, and an impressively thin design - this is the best OLED display LG has ever made, and that's saying something. You can score a $1,000 discount on this 77-inch which brings the price down to a record-low price of £3,499.

Sony 83-inch A90J 4K OLED TV: £5,499£4,899 at Currys (opens in new tab)
Save £600 -
Is money no object? This 83-inch Sony OLED is seeing a massive £600 discount – which would be sizeable were it not for the original £5,499 list price. Still, for those after a massive, top-notch OLED TV with 4K HDR and a panel that vibrates to emit area-specific sound, this price cut should help you afford it.
55-inch: £2,399 £1,999 (opens in new tab)

AU OLED TV deals of the week

OLED TV deals: AU

LG 77-inch C1 OLED TV: AU$6,990AU$5,090 at Appliance Central (opens in new tab)
Save AU$1,900 - Now's the time to buy the best OLED TV of 2021 with this insane deal. Get the 77-inch model of LG's stunning C1 OLED for over one thousand dollars off the RRP from Appliance Central. We imagine the retailer is clearing out all of its remaining C1 stock to make way for this year's models, so we advise you not to sit on this deal.

LG 83-inch C1 OLED TV: AU$8,990AU$6,860 at Appliance Central (opens in new tab)
Save AU$2,130 - 77 inches not big enough for ya? Well, if you want to go truly jumbo, you could pick up this 83-inch C1 OLED TV from Appliance Central, also discounted by an equally huge AU$2,000+ off the RRP.

LG 65-inch C1 OLED TV: AU$3,790AU$2,780 at Appliance Central (opens in new tab)
Save AU$1,010 - Alternatively Appliance Central has a good deal on the 65-inch version of LG's stunning C1 OLED TV, bringing the cost down by a fantastic AU$1,000+ off its previous price. That means you can get LG's top current OLED for AU$2,780.

LG 77-inch OLED Evo G1 Series OLED TV: AU$7,990 AU$7,250 at Appliance Central (opens in new tab)
Save $650 -
LG's Gallery Series brings the excellent contrast, color, and brightness we've come to expect from its other OLEDs, only in a classier design that brings additional style to your home. Appliance Central has an amazing deal on the 77-inch model, saving you AU$2,950 off the RRP.

Are OLED TVs better than 4K TVs?

Firstly, it's important to note what each term actually means: 4K is a reference to a television's image resolution capability, while OLED is a display technology. That means the two are not really comparable – it would be like asking whether racing games are better than Xbox games.

In fact, OLED TVs are available in multiple resolutions, including 4K. Instead, the better question would be whether OLED TVs are better than non-OLED sets, such as LED/LCD or QLED TVs. In that sense, the answer simply comes down to personal preference.

Many will argue that images offered by OLED TVs are superior to those delivered by regular TVs using traditional LED/LCD technology. OLED (short for organic light-emitting diode) screens offer deeper black and more accurate contrast than competing display technologies because each pixel can be turned on or off individually. 

Motion of images is also much smoother, making OLED TVs excellent for sports, movies, and gaming. This refined tech also allows the world's leading TV manufacturers to make OLED TV sets incredibly thin. 

That said, there is a trade-off that comes with most OLED TVs, in that they're currently incapable of reaching the same high levels of brightness that an LED/LCD TV can. This is because traditional LED/LCD TVs are backlit, which allows for far greater (but less accurate) brightness.

All this cutting-edge design and technology means OLED TV prices can be much pricier than most regular 4K TVs. Prices are coming down all the time though, especially on the 55-inch and 65-inch models. Good thing we're here to show you the lowest prices, right? Also, if you can afford the 77-inch OLED TVs we'd very much like to be friends.

Are OLED TV deals worth it?

So you're looking for the best of the best, but don't want to spend over a grand to realize you can barely tell the difference between your new and old displays. That's understandable - these are some pretty pricey TVs. OLED TV deals can sometimes feel like an extortionate amount of money to pay for a new screen, but if you're looking for a premium viewing experience they will definitely make up for their costs in sheer wow-factor. 

Perfect blacks, excellent viewing angles, knife-edge clarity and that oh so crisp picture quality often bring a new lease of life to even the most tired of Netflix's catalogue and the oldest PS4 Pro titles. If you can score that premium viewing experience while meeting your budget, these OLED TV deals will be more than worth it for that moment you first press the power button.

The cheapest OLED TV deals and prices

The best 77-inch OLED TV deals and prices

As things stand, there are no OLED TVs being built between 65-inches and 77-inches. The price jump from the 65-inch OLED TV deals is pretty steep, so expect to pay a lot more for those extra 12-inches.

As with any top tech, prices will start to drop more eventually, but even non-OLED TVs of this size shoot up drastically in price compared to their smaller siblings. So if the prices are too high, we'd recommend sticking with the still huge, 65-inch OLED TV deals. You could always move the sofa closer to your TV. There you go, saved you a few grand right there.

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