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Get $10 to spend on Amazon Prime Day with these simple steps

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Who can say no to free money? Not a lot of us, I'd imagine. Well, that's basically what Amazon is offering right now to any Prime members who complete a handful of quick and easy tasks.

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Fortunately, this isn't some kind of twisted Squid Game situation. All you have to do is make use of your Prime membership benefits and Amazon will hand you $10 in credit to spend during next month's Prime Day.

Just head to this page to activate the Amazon Prime Stamp Card (opens in new tab) and then complete these four straightforward tasks:

  • Make a Prime-eligible purchase for $5 or more
  • Stream any show on Prime Video
  • Listen to any song on Prime Music
  • Borrow an ebook through Prime Reading

Seriously, it really is as simple as that. Chances are that, if you're already a Prime member, you'll probably do at least a couple of these naturally over the next few weeks. Well, here's a way to get a reward at the same time. It's a fantastic little freebie if you think you're going to be on the hunt for a bargain during the sale that was just announced for July 12-13.

Get $10 to spend during Amazon Prime Day

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Fill out the Prime Stamp Card and get a $10 voucher to spend on Amazon Prime Day
Complete four quick and easy tasks across your Amazon Prime account to get a $10 voucher to spend during this year's Amazon Prime Day. This includes making a Prime-eligible order of $5 or more, watching a show on Prime Video, listening to a song on Prime Music and borrowing an ebook through Prime Reading. The credit will be added to your account and then it can be spent on Prime Day deals when they go live across July 12-13.

The stamps could take up to 48 hours to appear on your account, but once you've completed all four tasks a $10 voucher will be credited to your wallet within 24 hours. That can then be used on any products sold by during this year's Prime Day sale on July 12-13.

Not a member? As a new subscriber, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial (opens in new tab) to Amazon Prime and take part in the promotion. Your membership time will last through to this year's Prime Day sale, too.

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