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Hurry! Oculus Quest 2 players can save big on the best VR games today

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The hot summer months are here (at least in the northern hemisphere) and that means only one thing: summer games sales. For those of you with a Meta Quest 2 headset (formerly Oculus Quest 2) then you'll want to check out the Meta Quest Summer Sale (opens in new tab) to pick up some great deals while you can.

From now until 11:59pm PT June 26 / 7:59am BST / 4:59pm AEST June 27 you can save big on several of the best Quest 2 games out there. There's something for everyone, including deals on Resident Evil 4 VR (opens in new tab), Walkabout Mini Golf (opens in new tab), Trover Saves the Universe (opens in new tab) and so many more (opens in new tab).

Additionally, there are Daily Deals that will spotlight games for 24 hours giving them a little extra discount for that time too. So if you don't see a deal you like one day, check back the next and something new might be available.

Today's best Meta Quest 2 deals

If you don't have a headset but want to jump into VR and play some great Quest 2 games while they're discounted, here are the best Meta Quest 2 headset deals out there today in your region.

The best Meta Quest VR game deals

Walkabout Mini Golf:  $15/£11/AU$23  $10.49/£8/AU$16 (opens in new tab)
Walkabout Mini Golf (opens in new tab) is one of our absolute favorite VR games, with beautiful environments to explore, incredible gameplay, and a great multiplayer space to enjoy with your friends no matter their VR platform. It was already a must-play at its regular price, but this deal just makes it an even better pick-up for Quest 2 headset owners. 

Resident Evil 4 VR: $40/£30 $36/£27 (opens in new tab)
While the upcoming Resident Evil 4 Remake (opens in new tab) will likely give this game a run for its money, the VR version (opens in new tab) is currently the best way to experience the classic action-horror adventure. The deal isn’t currently as good as we’d like but this game could be a Daily Deal target – where Meta reduces its price even further for just 24 hours – so be sure to check every day to see if it becomes even cheaper than it is already. 

Please Don’t Touch Anything: $109/£8/AU$15 $7/£5/AU$11 (opens in new tab)
Please Don’t Touch Anything is a delightfully comical and engaging puzzle experience. The VR version is very similar to the game that can be found on iPhone and Android smartphones, translating the table and room into an immersive VR world. It’s not the most replayable game out there nor the longest, but at this price, it is certainly worth the price of admission if you’re a fan of escape rooms. 

Star Wars Tales from Galaxy’s Edge: $35/£27/AU$54 $25/£19/AU$39 (opens in new tab)
If the Disney Plus show Obi-Wan Kenobi (opens in new tab) has you chomping at the bit for more Star Wars content then look no further than Tales from Galaxy’s Edge (opens in new tab). This adventure game has a little bit of everything from blaster shootouts to Jedi training to cameos from fan-favorite characters. Plus, with the bundled in Last Call DLC, you’ll be able to explore the far far away galaxy for a little bit longer.

Alternatively, you could try Vader Immortal (opens in new tab) if you want a more lightsaber-focused VR experience. Right now a bundle for the entire series is around 30% off in every region.

Sports Scramble:$30/£23/A$47 $21/£15.56/AU$37.59 (opens in new tab)
If you want to relive the motion-controls induced mayhem of Wii Sports, then Sports Scramble is the title for you. This incredible VR sports game (opens in new tab) offers not just immersive controls, but whacky gameplay as your bats, balls, and courses can change at a moment's notice; bowl a strike with a pineapple, hit a home run with a fish bat, and win in straights sets while the net is twice as tall.

For those after a more serious sporting game, we also recommend the climbing simulator The Climb 2 (opens in new tab), or the workout routine meets action scene that is Pistol Whip (opens in new tab)

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