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iPad Air 5 pre-orders: when and where to buy Apple's latest tablet

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iPad Air 5: key information

Chip: M1 Chip
Display: 10.9-inch Liquid Retina
Storage: 64GB / 256GB
Operating System: iPadOS 15
Camera: 12MP Ultrawide with Centre Stage (Front), 12MP (Back)
Connectivity: USB-C, WiFi, 5G
Compatible with: Smart Keyboard, Apple Pencil (Gen 2)
Colors: Space Gray, Starlight, Pink, Purple, Blue
Price: from $599 / £569

iPad Air 5 pre-orders are now live, so we've gathered all the info you need right here, including when and where you can buy Apple's latest 2022 tablet. We've got a list of all the retailers that have added the iPad Air 5 to their sites already and will continue adding to this throughout the day. So far, the best deal we've seen is the iPad Air 5 for $559 at Walmart (opens in new tab) - that's a saving of $40 off the recommended price.

The iPad Air 5 was announced at the recent Apple March Event with a release date of March 18. It was also confirmed during the show that pre-orders would begin on March 11 at 5am PST / 1pm GMT at the Apple Store and major retailers. You can find all of these buying choices below as well as any of the best deals and trade-in offers we spot so you pay the lowest price for your new tablet.

Where to place an iPad Air 5 pre-order:

A number of retailers have now launched pages for the iPad Air 5 pre-order phase that runs from March 11 until March 18. We've gathered them for you below so you know exactly where to go once pre-orders begin at 8am ET / 1pm GMT today. Considering how quickly other recent iPads have sold out during launch, it's well-worth considering a pre-order in order to guarantee yourself one on release.

iPad Air 5 (2022) pre-orders in the US

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iPad Air 5 (2022): from $599.99 at Apple US (opens in new tab)
You can now order the new iPad Air directly from the Apple Store. As well as a choice between the full range of products, you can also choose to trade-in your existing device and save up to $680. That's the largest amount of credit we've seen at a retailer so far.

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iPad Air 5 (2022): from $599.99 at Amazon US (opens in new tab)
Product pages are now live for the new iPad Air at Amazon. All color and storage options are available with prices starting at $599.

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iPad Air 5 (2022): $599 from $559 at Walmart (opens in new tab)
Looking for the cheapest price for an iPad Air pre-order? Head to Walmart now and you can get the iPad Air 5 with 64GB of storage for $559 - that's a saving of $40 off the recommended price. All colors are available, as well as versions with larger storage and WiFi or 5G connectivity.

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iPad Air 5 (2022): from $599.99 at Best Buy (opens in new tab)
Head over to Best Buy now and you can see the full list of iPad Air models that are available to pre-order. All colors and storage sizes are listed, as well as both WiFi and 5G versions. Some extras are also included, such as free three or six-month memberships to Apple Music, Apple News+ and Apple TV+ for new subscribers.

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iPad Air 5 (2022): from $599 at B&H Photo (opens in new tab)
The iPad Air 5 product pages at B&H Photo are live and you can place a pre-order now. All color, storage and connectivity options are listed, too, so you can get the exact tablet you want at launch.

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iPad Air 5 (2022): from $20.85 p/m or $749.99 at AT&T (opens in new tab)
AT&T offers the iPad Air today much like its existing iPad listings. Only the 5G models are available, but you can choose to pay via an installment plan or fork over the full retail price upfront. Do have a look at the trade-in options that could reduce the price, too.

iPad Air 5 (2022) pre-orders in the UK

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iPad Air 5 (2022): from £569 at Apple UK (opens in new tab)
Pre-orders are now underway at the Apple Store in the UK with prices for the new iPad Air starting from £569. Very generous discounts will be available if you trade in an existing device, too, that are much greater than other stores.

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iPad Air 5 (2022): from £569.99 at Amazon UK (opens in new tab)
Amazon is now taking pre-orders for the new iPad Air. Each different colour and storage option is listed individually, so you'll have to scroll through the list in order to find the version you're looking for, but they are all there right now.

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iPad Air 5 (2022): from £569 at Currys (opens in new tab)
The latest iPad Air is now up for pre-order at Currys with all colours and storage options available to choose from - as well as WiFi or 5G models. You can also save an extra £50 off the cost by trading in any working or non-working tablet or laptop - not bad if you've got some really old tech lying around gathering dust.

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iPad Air 5 (2022): from £569.99 at Very (opens in new tab)
Very is slowly adding all the new iPad Air 5 models to its site. Currently, only the Space Grey and Blue options are showing up, but expect that to increase throughout the day. Very is a good option if you want to take advantage of a trade-in for your existing device to save up to £150 on Apple's latest tablet.

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iPad Air 5 (2022): from £569 at Box (opens in new tab)
All of the upcoming iPad Air models are now listed at specialist electronics retailer Box but cannot be bought just yet. We assumed these would go live at 1pm, but there's no update yet. What you can do is enter your email to get an alert when stock is available to order in case they skip the entire pre-order launch period.

When will iPad Air 5 pre-orders be live?

Pre-orders for the new iPad Air 5 will be available from Friday, March 11. The Apple Store states a go-live time of 5am PST / 1pm GMT so expect most other retailers to follow within in a similar time frame. Apple has kindly left a small gap between announcing a new product and putting it up for pre-order. That's handy as it gives you some time to properly look into the new tech and decide if you want to buy.

How much will an iPad Air 5 pre-order cost?

Prices for an iPad Air 5 start at $599 / £569 for the standard WiFi-only model with 64GB storage. A model with 256GB of storage is also available, as well as versions with 5G support. The starting price for an iPad Air 5 with 5G support is $749 / £719.

This puts the new iPad Air in the same price range as the previous 2020 model, which also launched at $599. In recent months, we've seen the last generation version for as low as $489, but it usually sits around the $539 mark. For an extra $60, you can upgrade to the powerful M1 chip, then, which is definitely worth considering.

Should I pre-order the new iPad Air?

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As we've seen with practically all other major technology launches over the last three years, if you want to get the new iPad Air as soon as possible, then you will need to pre-order. Apple's latest iPad 10.2 and iPad mini have both been difficult to find in stock since October - and we expect it'll be the same story with the iPad Air 5.

But is it worth the cost? It really depends on your need. The iPad Air sits in that middle-ground between the more entry-level iPad 10.2 and high-end iPad Pro, so it's one for the more enthusiast user. With the power of the M1 chip inside the new iPad Air, too, you're getting a very powerful tablet for the price. It's well worth upgrading to over the last generation iPad Air - even if it's now regularly discounted to $539 from its launch price of $599.

If you're still on the fence, the good news is you've got a few more days to ponder on the decision. We'll be back to update this page between now and Friday to bring you all the latest iPad Air 5 pre-order info, including any early deals and analysis from the rest of the TechRadar team. 

You can also keep an eye on our iPad deals hub for the latest prices for various models in Apple's range of tablets.

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