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Apex Legends update: what's new in Season 14

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The Apex Legends update for Season 14 is here, and the changes bring another facelift to the high-octane battle royale title.

Every drop in Apex Legends is a fresh experience. From hunting down every last chest for the best loot to scrambling to beat enemy squads to your favorite spots, Apex Legends has carved out a unique name for itself even amidst the sea of similarly styled games.

This is because unlike other big battle royale hits Fortnite and Warzone, Apex Legends has prioritized its own combination brand that comprises high-speed movement and unique character abilities over more gimmicky approaches.

So, while you do spend some time messing with gun attachments, you won't have anyone turn into a house when you shoot your weapon - have to brawl it out in the gulag to get back into the fight.

With Apex Legends Season 13, we saw some ranked changes (that felt awful for lower ranks), changes to Stormpoint, and the new legend Newcastle. 

Thankfully, Season 14, entitled Hunted, doesn't disappoint.

Whether you're coming back to Apex Legends or never left, there's a lot to take in with the new update. Here's what to look out for.

Apex Legends update: what to know about Season 14

Apex Legends update: Season 14 length and how to play

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  • What is it? Season 14 of Respawn's high-speed battle royale
  • When can I play it? August 9
  • What can I play it on? PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Apex Legends Season 14 Hunted went live on August 9 at 1PM (EST)/10AM PST/6PM BST, 03:00AM ACT (on August 10).

You'll be able to drop into Kings Canyon on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC with full crossplay, as before. 

If you've been holding off and playing on PS5 or Xbox Series X, there is now an Apex Legends next-gen update live as well!

Apex Legends update: Promo trailers

(Image credit: Respawn)

There are a pair of trailers to catch up on with the Apex Legends update, and they give a glimpse into the story beats for Hunted. Below, you'll find both the gameplay and launch trailer.

Apex Legends season 14 gameplay trailer
Some big Kings Canyon changes get shown off and you'll also get to see the new legend Vantage in action, who is a long-range terror. Check it out below:

Apex Legends season 14 launch trailer
With the launch trailer we get a bit more backstory for Vantage, seeing her first moments as a rookie in the Apex Games, and more about her imprisoned mother Xenia. Take a look, below:

Apex Legends update: map changes

(Image credit: Respawn)

The venerable Kings Canyon has been overhauled and is now being called Reforged Kings Canyon. Respawn hasn't been conservative with changes either, and from our time with it, it brings more openess alongside a splash of more color. Hunted is a big improvement, so here's what's been changed:

  • Relic (New POI): Replacing the giant hole left in season 5 by Skull Town and Thunderdome, Relic is a sprawling collection of buildings under and around the original iconic skull.
  • Cage (Modified POI): The giant tower is now far less of a cage like its name suggests, and the entire top is now open and easy to get access to.
  • Hillside (Modified POI): The hillside bunker near Containment has gotten a facelift, with the building being removed to get rid of the interior spaces.
  • Basin (Modified POI): Formerly Broken Relay, Basin has had the removed buildings and ziplines restored, and its name updated to reflect.
  • Map Center (Rotations changed): The path through the mountains once connected Destroyed Bridges, River Center, and Hillside, but the path to Destroyed Bridges is now gone.
  • Caves (Rotations changed): The cave that connected Marketplace and River Center is now gone.
  • Caves (General change): The cave entrance at Marketplace has been widened and made more obvious.
  • Chokepoint near Cage (General change): The path through the mountains has been opened up, giving much better visibility for players.

Loot around Reforged Kings Canyon has also been shaken up. Distribution between different POI has been rebalanced, with Crash Site and Spotted Lakes getting weaker loot and Runoff, Hydro Dam, Swamps, and Octane's Gauntlet getting stronger loot.

Overall, the amount of loot present has gone up – especially in buildings – and the quality of loot should more intuitively match how prominent the POI is.

There have also been various smaller changes to Reforged Kings Canyon, which you can check out below:

  • Added a new raised walkway to help players rotate between Destroyed Bridges and River Center.
  • Added two sets of stairs and two ziplines to help non-movement Legends access the walls at Repulsor.
  • Added one vertical zipline to help non-movement Legends access the wall at Artillery.
  • Added two vertical zip lines to help players access the walkways at Swamps.
  • Added a new explosive hold at Swamps.
  • Removed a number of trees at Forest to improve visibility.
  • Removed two of the three Charge Towers at Capacitor.
  • Removed five Jump Towers in areas that would benefit from slower rotations.
  • Fixed many bugs and bad end circles.

Apex Legends update: Vantage, the new legend

A new season brings many changes, and in this case another new legend. Vantage is a teenager and a rookie to the Apex Games, but a deadly sniper with a rocket pack and an adorable bat friend to help her out. She was born on a deadly ice planet, and at 18 found out her mother was not a native, but a prisoner who had crash-landed.

Unfortunately for them both, Vantage was injured, and her mother saved her by calling in the same people who had imprisoned her – saving Vantage, but putting her mom right back into space jail. So now Vantage is taking the fight to the Apex Games to try to bring attention to her wrongfully convicted mother, and the best way to do that is to win them, of course.

So let's take a look at what Vantage can do:

  • Passive Ability (Spotter's Lens): Whenever you aim down sights while unarmed or equipped with a mid to long range scope, you get a bullet drop indicator to help you with figure out where your shots will land.
  • Tactical Ability (Echo Relocation): Lets you aim your bat pal Echo before launching towards the spot you send him to with your rocket pack.
  • Ultimate Ability (Sniper's Mark): Marks enemy targets and applies a damage bonus for you and your team.

With the ability to nail long-distance shots with ease, help your squad confirm kills with a damage buff, and relocate quickly, Vantage is set to be an excellent pick for the sniper in all of us.

Apex Legends update: Season 14 battle pass

(Image credit: EA)

A new season means a new battle pass, and Hunted is bringing one for Apex Legends season 14. Access to the premium version of the pass will run you 950 Apex coins ($10/£8/$AU11.95).

Cosmetics-wise, you can see a few of them shown off in the trailer above, including new skins for Caustic, Wraith, and Horizon. 

Apex Legends update: Major changes

(Image credit: EA)

There's also a suite of other changes in Apex Legends season 14, including a level cap increase which a lot of the more devoted players have been asking for. Here are the game changes you need to know about:

  • Level Cap Increase: The level cap has been raised from 500 to 2000, so now when you level up at 500 you'll be restarted at 1 with a new gilded border, up to two times.
  • Skullpiercer: The rifling hop-up attachment is back, giving you a headshot damage bonus. It's also now compatible with the 30-30 Repeater.
  • Laser Sight: A new barrel attachment is here specifically for pistols and SMGs, improving their hip-fire accuracy.
  • Guardian Angel: The gold backpack perk is moving over to gold knockdown shields, and backpacks now have a new perk called Deep Pockets, which lets them stack one extra shield battery, medkit, and phoenix kit per slot.
  • Resurrection: The old knockdown shield perk has been removed entirely.
  • Rampage LMG and Bocek Bow: Both weapons are now Supply Drop weapons.
  • Volt SMG and G7 Scout: Both weapons are now ground loot.
  • EVA-8: Has an increased fire rate, boosted even further with upgraded bolt attachments.
  • Wingman: Now takes sniper ammo and magazine attachments.
  • Spitfire: Now takes light ammo and magazine attachments.

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