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Starfield character creation: how to build your protagonist

Everything you need to know about Starfield character creation

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It's no secret that, in Starfield, character creation is a major part of determining how you interact with the game. Whether you intend to play a roguish outlaw or a suave diplomat, you'll need to know exactly how character creation works in Bethesda's upcoming sci-fi RPG. 

Starfield is a seriously ambitious undertaking. Fans of Bethesda's previous projects, such as Fallout 4 and Skyrim, are eagerly speculating what we can expect from the much-anticipated title. Though there is still plenty we don't know about the game, we here at TechRadar Gaming have been able to piece together every sliver of available information to bring you our best assessment of what to expect in Starfield. 

From Starfield's space combat, to whether or not the game is as moddable as Skyrim, there's plenty of information out there, if you know where to look. In this spirit, we've collected everything there is to know about character creation in Starfield so that you know exactly how to build your character once the game eventually releases. Plus, given that the game could release in March if the stars align, we may not even have long to prepare. Sit back, relax and let us talk you through Starfield character creation. 

Starfield character creation: your complete guide

Starfield character creation: Appearance

(Image credit: Bethesda)

As you make your way through Starfield's sprawling game world, you'll need to make sure that you're doing so with a character who best reflects what you want out of the game. 

As important as Skills and Perks are, it's equally crucial to make sure that your character looks exactly how you'd like them to. Here's what you can expect from Starfield's character creator when it comes to appearance: 

Body options

(Image credit: Bethesda)

The first major element that you'll be able to customize is your character's body type. So far, we know you can choose between a variety of physiques, walk styles and skin tones. You can also use the radial wheel to adjust your character's thinness, stockiness, or muscularity.

Face options

(Image credit: Bethesda)

As you might expect from a Bethesda title, there is plenty of scope to customize your character's face, too. The usual options of skin tone, head shape, hair, hair color and eyes all seem to be available as you decide exactly what kind of face your character will present to the world.

Starfield character creation: background

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Here is where things get really interesting. Reminiscent of the classic Bethesda RPG Fallout 3, it looks like your choice of background will grant your character a selection of three skills, not unlike 'perks' from the aforementioned Fallout game. There seems to be a wide range of different backstories to choose from. 

At first glance, it's clear that Skills offer advantages that can radically change how your character plays. For instance, the Chef background gives you access to 'Gastronomy', allowing you to craft speciality food and drinks. Conversely, the Cyber Runner background gives you the 'Security' skill, which seriously buffs your hacking abilities – particularly exciting if you want to channel some of that Cyberpunk 2077 energy into your playthrough. 

Starfield character creation: traits

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Lastly, we have traits. These seem to function very similarly to traits from Fallout New Vegas. Traits add nifty tweaks and quirks to your character. Sometimes they can be as much help as a hindrance, but they never fail to add flavor to a playthrough. 

'Introvert', for instance, buffs your Starfield character's endurance when adventuring alone, but debuffs it when you're working alongside other human companions. Meanwhile, 'Kid Stuff' means that you have NPC parents that you can visit, but who demand 10% of your income. These little alterations can have big repercussions and can be used to tailor your Starfield character to match the kind of experience you want to have. 

Now you know exactly what to expect from character creation in Starfield. We at TechRadar Gaming wish you all the best out there in the yawning blackness of space. 

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