Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Unboxing First Impressions


So what is up guys Nick here helping you to messier technology xiaomi redmi note 9 pro unboxing now what inspired me to pick up the redmi note 9 pro is simply that this phone is such a good price for the all the spec you are getting for this device now this was not widely known in the US however it is available on Amazon which is how.

I was able to get is a global version right here it does have access to the Google Play apps and it does come in at a price that of around 200 to 300 bucks so what really intrigued me about this is the same reason the galaxy a 51 intrigued me and that’s the price for all the speck you’re getting here so some of the key specs include a six point six 7 inch display 64 megapixel quad camera not all the cameras are 64 but the main sensor is 6 gigs of ram Snapdragon 720 and here get this a five thousand twenty milliard hour battery so taking a look at the contents of the Box you can see redmi note 9 pro it does say with easy access to the google apps that you want most.

I wanted to mention that i think it’s even cheaper in the indian market let me know let me know for my fans out there out there in india what the price is over there cuz i know that i think that i think the price is cheaper than even here so let’s go ahead and peel this plastic off the box here and this does come in three different colors it comes in like a green color it’s like tropical green as well as it comes in glacier white and interstellar grey so let’s go ahead.

I actually went with the green color here so let’s go ahead and get this box open on the redmi note 9 pro and we’ll lift this tab up and see what comes inside so inside here you do have a little booklet with a SIM card tool and right here it does have some xiaomi manuals right there and first things first they’re presenting you with a case right out of the box so that’s nice we always get to see a case with some of these budget phones and this one’s no exception here a nice clear case to get you started kind of important because i’m not sure how big the case election is gonna be on this device you know when you’re looking for one third party but here you go we do have the tropical green xiaomi redmi note 9 pro here let me go ahead and take this plastic off and see what we’re getting first of all i can tell you just by holding the oh yeah.

I’m the friend does say some of the specs we just talked about by the way sixty-four megapixel AI quad camera 30 watt fast charger on here 30 watt 30 watt for this price that’s kind of like what you get on a oneplus you can see snapdragon 7 28 nanometer 6.6 7 inch full HD dot display with a side mounted fingerprint sensor they are not messing around for the money here on the xiaomi redmi note 9 Pro and man this green color really does look nice though not gonna lie it’s a little bit more bluish green but still quite nice very shiny back here.

I kind of like how the camera bump is in the center of the phone not off to the left at least I didn’t copy the pixel are the iPhone on that one you can see right there a side mounted fingerprint sensor for the xiaomi redmi note 9 pro and at the bottom look at this a headphone jack the USB see and a single loudspeaker and it let’s look like there is a pre-installed screen protector as well I’m definitely feeling this phone for the money this one definitely is is reminding me a lot of the you know the galaxy a 51 a 71 with those phones are offering at a similar price point you can see read me right there and you could see if we go in here we do have this charger they did give me an adapter in a box so.

I could charge in the US port but does come with this charger for this model and you can see over here we do have USB C plug so yeah that’s about it let me see if there’s anything in here doesn’t look like it so yeah that’s just stuff to hold the wires and the brick so let’s go ahead and get that stuff out of the way and here we go you could see my UI 11 on board but it’s also this is a skin but this is an Android phone right here you can see life gets easier we’re gonna go ahead and click this and I’m just gonna set this up and I’ll be back when.

I am done to show you the contents of the phone so while this is doing some updates I want to talk a little bit more about the body as you can see so the science do feel aluminum and you’d be fooled by looking this on camera on thinking this is glass this actually feels like plastic on the back but at least it looks really nice it kinda has a two-tone pattern here you can see kind of like this pattern right here and then just the regular tropical green color that’s print on the top there the 64 megapixel quad camera right there and again it’s pretty small it doesn’t stick off that far but it’s still a bump nonetheless and then also I noticed up here at the top of the redmi note 9 pro looks like we do have an IR blaster.

I will look more into that we get in the phone here but the sides do feel like they’re aluminum and we do have you know a nice volume rocker right there fingerprint sensor it does have a little indentation which is nice cuz then you can kind of feel where it’s at when you’re grabbing the phone and then again at the bottom you could see that pretty nice cutouts for everything they’re they’re pretty nice and centered so I do like that and then one thing.

I do like as well about about this phone so far is that just the display is flat there’s no curves on this display and the rounded feel on the edges do give it a nice grip here in the palm doesn’t feel too large even though it’s a six point six seven-inch display okay so it says the add the fingerprint here we’re gonna see how fast this does respond here to adding the fingerprint so far a couple of errors it doesn’t seem to be getting it a hundred percent but again at this price point out and expect the best fingerprint sensor out there still gonna do the job though once we do have it scanned here now I will say that some people might be wondering how are they getting all this stuff at that price point.

I’m pretty impressed here myself so some people say well it’s the software it’s not gonna be supported as long or they got ads in the MIUI software or stuff like that you could turn off the user experience program here but I think that for all of this you’re getting in this phone it’s kind of like really makes you question like do I really need to pay you know five hundred eight hundred bucks even a thousand bucks for one of these premium smartphones there’s a lot of great budget options these days so right during the setup process I do like that Xiaomi allows you to pick a theme right away.

I mean that’s pretty cool I mean you buy an Android phone cuz you want customization they give you six different options to choose from from the start I’m gonna just go with the classic but there’s radiance gamer pedal as well as rhodium and limitless if we go over here we’re gonna go to next you could see you’re ready to rock setup is complete on this phone it’s gonna go ahead and load up the apps okay so we’re now in the device and you could see this is a theme.

I chose here you could swipe up to go to your google assistant and also there’s kind of like no app drawer to begin with here on the Xiaomi user interface but you can kind of see that the phone is quite smooth here for this price point the initial setup takes a little bit of time but you can see that’s kind of how the notifications area looks.

If we go over here and swipe through you can see right there big brightness slider right there as well let’s go ahead now and head into the settings on this phone we’re gonna go here into settings you kind of see that there’s plenty of settings in here now you have special features we’re gonna show you things like game turbo as well as quick replies you can do things like a second space screen so it’s pretty nice in addition to that you do have a cleaner right here and this is kind of how the recent apps looks right here on the xiaomi phone pretty nice you can go ahead and do split screen right here by just dragging up some applications so there’s a split screen mode on this phone that’s pretty nice so let’s go to battery and performance as well and look at this user interface pretty nice-looking overall you can optimize the battery you can see your battery usage stats.

I’m really gonna be looking into this one as a xiaomi redmi note 9 pro does have a huge battery especially for the size of this display this is an LCD panel and you can see this is on my UI global 11.0 point one stable Edition and it’s running Android version 10 on this phone now it does have 64 gigs but what’s available is 44 point six eight after all the software has been installed but it tells you right here that the system storage on this phone takes up fifteen point five six so it’s not truly a 64 gig phone it’s like forty four point six eight.

If you do want to get more storage you might want to go with the 128 gig Edition now if we go down here and you go to wallpaper you can see that Jame does include quite a bit of wallpapers here they have a scenery section and quite a bit more than some other manufacturers offer you can see some nice photos right there to set your wallpapers and if we go right here you have some animal wallpapers as well so pretty nice here now again what.

I’m really gonna be looking at is how does this Pro them perform you know versus something like an 80 51 which is in the same price tier and how it does deal with the signal strength and stuff like them you could see plenty of tools in here does look like there’s quite a bit of bloat where though there’s not here this is not a super clean phone out the box they do install quite a few pre-installed apps I’m sure a lot of these you could probably just delete let’s see if we can delete this go to app info yeah you can just uninstall that right there so definitely quite nice that we can delete a lot of these so I’m gonna be doing that immediately cuz I don’t like you know the phone installing apps that.

I didn’t choose to install okay so I have this fidgets spinner right here let’s go ahead and take a look at these cameras and see how they do look and we’re just gonna go ahead and take a look at the UI and kind of how it performs so we’ll just snap a photo like that you could punch in 2x like that and then we can go super wide at point 6x right there so nice amount of variation here for this phone my first impressions the photos look not bad whatsoever.

I think for this money you’re gonna be quite happy at least with the photo quality let’s see how the video looks and you could see looks pretty nice here again you could punch in 2x during your video and you can come out wider for sure okay so right here let’s go ahead and go into this area and see what video quality we can go up to so we can go up to 1080 4k 37 20 30 so 4k 30 is your highest recording video quality you can do here.

If we go here to 64 megapixels that’s gonna take your sharpest shot possible there is a night mode there’s a panoramic mode there’s a pro mode so the camera is not just you know a couple of lenses it’s actually pretty nice with the software that’s included here as well you can do a short video you can do slow motion as well up to 960 fps you can see up there so definitely quite slow motion on that one so yeah let’s take a look at the front-facing camera though kind of see how this looks a little bit beautified we’ll see how this does in the full review though if we go to the settings here you could change the camera frames from sixteen by nine to four by three to a full camera frame timer right there palm shutter and yeah I mean again these budget phones cameras are just getting really good for the money and I think that while they’re not gonna be any flagship phone out there there’s still quite good.

I think they’re good enough that these are not gonna be deal-breakers for some of these phones I could see you could turn this off but this form gives you a little ad saying all you shot this on the road note quad camera but again these pictures are definitely nice for the money because see there’s little punch hole display up here as well not big whatsoever reminds me a lot again of the 851 for example but it’s there and so that’s it for the first impressions.

I don’t want to discuss this too much further you could see a little bit of fingerprints getting on here are already the weight of this phone around 209 grams so it has some heft to it the plastic efj the back feels a little bit cheap but still at the same time the sides feel nice it feels sturdy again this reminds me a lot of the a 51 this is a perfect competitor to that phone if you wanted something different again headphone jack here on this one there’s tropical green colors quite nice-looking and the camera seem to be quite nice for the money but I’m really gonna be looking at the battery life so let me know your thoughts on the xiaomi redmi note 9 pro i was just really excited to check this one out.

I’m glad I did because and just as I expected it’s quite a bit for the money here especially on the spec sheet versus the price so stay tuned for more content like this I got another unboxing on another phone coming soon as well as WWDC is coming and I do have more revisited videos I’m gonna be doing soon as well as you know some newer phones and newer devices coming to the channel so stay tuned for that Nick you’re open you to master your technology thank you very much for watching if you have a redmi note 9 pro or you plan on buying one let us know why you might be buying one or if you have one let us know your experience it helps the community out to see if this might be a phone they want to check out thumbs up if you enjoyed it and Nick helping you to master your technology be sure to be well and peace.


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